Joy FM's Personality Profile: Gifty Anti talks work, women, romance and rumours

Joy FM's Personality Profile: Gifty Anti talks work, women, romance and rumours
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Date: 22-11-2013 Time: 04:11:37:pm
Struggles were speed ramps on her lips not potholes in her dreams. And when you have a mentality like this, you can have a seat on Joy FM's Personality Profile.

Like a mature salmon returning home to the fresh waters where it comes from after migrating to the ocean, Gifty Anti returns to Joy FM where started as a regular panelist on the “Young Generation” and “Every Woman” programmes - and tells her story about life, love, work, women and reward.

My father, my father, my father dotted the whole interview. She used the word like comma is used in this write-up.

Her divorced, determined and disciplinarian  father was the seed that worked itself to rot in a soil of toil just so a little plant would germinate into Gifty Anti - decorated TV Host and celebrated gender activist.

Her Dad covered every emotional space, filled her life like a spiritual presence fills a room and his love was where he put his money - her education.

He did all kinds of jobs, selling insurance in his late 70s and working as a watchman at Tema. And her ailing dad died pushing his children through school just on the day when Gifty was writing her final paper for her Masters' in International Journalism.

"I had a father who was willing to do anything to push me through school"

Father's day would mean so much more to Gifty than the popular mother's day. That is one for the Fathers.

Gifty Anti spoke in a way that made disadvantage look like a helping hand.

She has hawked to earn a living, done some carpentry work and shared meagre resources as the last of eight children - four girls, four boys.

Struggles were speed bumps on her lips not potholes in her dreams. And when you have a mentality like this, you can have a seat on Joy FM's Personality Profile.

Gifty a hawker, floor manager at GTV, TV presenter, gender advocate, decorated feminist.


The TV personality started out at Tema Community 8 Number 1 Primary and Middle school. A live wire as she was, Gifty became Entertainment Prefect during her time at Mfantsiman Secondary School - and a 'jamma' leader too.

But fun did not cloud purpose, fiercely studious and tasked to remain in the top three in her class, she was dejected after her application to read Land Economy at KNUST was rejected.

She narrated how she found herself in the hospital following her dashed hopes.

That was when journalism found her. Rejection means direction. The rest is history.


The free-flowing interview forked out juicy romantic morsels from Gifty's plate of life's experience. Her first boyfriend's name....wait for it.

Rony Bonestones sticks... now beat that.

A reggae guy from Accra Academy was as lively as Gifty.

And she has enjoyed breakfast in bed too.

The name of the cook would remain a mystery like the statue of the unknown soldier mounted at the Independence Square.

Barely 15 minutes into the interview, Bola Ray had bagged 104 message and the phone was itching to scream like the suppressed laughter.

Rumour loves Gifty

Rumour is making a career out of Gifty. Rumours love Gifty. Perhaps the name of her hometown, 'Asempanyin' has something to do with it.

She steeled up herself in 2005 to ignore the gossip and weather the storm.

And Bola Ray's platform was another  recycle rumour- disinfecting opportunity.

She recalls taking a walk with popular radio host Kwami Sefa Kayi of Peace FM when someone called him to report just seeing her in London pushing a baby in a little carriage.

No she didn't date ex-president John Kufuor. No, she is not on bad terms with Theresa Kufour. Yes, she is in a relationship but are you going out with Nana Ansah Kwaw of Multi TV?, Bola Ray ambushed her with the question.

Well, there was no 'NO' and there was no 'Yes'. So what do you call something when it's not a No or a Yes? - a smoke with potential to become fire.

Being independent doesn't push men away contrary to popular view, she said.  

"They keep coming" but she says "I see through them...and  they don't fit in".

And with that she dispelled any idea of desperation. Her man is not having it easy and Gifty says " I feel sorry for him".

He would have to fit into a well-defined vision of promoting the welfare of women and children.

Standing in the gap for women on Standpoint

Currently, Gifty hosts The Standpoint, a private production by GDA Concepts. It is aired on GTV and  looks at gender issues.

And when you hear stories of how an unknown fan of hers died from illegal abortion, you begin to identify with the power of the media to address these ills.

The young girl had called to meet Gifty for weeks yearning to meet Gifty to no avail. But one day Gifty says she finally took time out to meet her during a visit to the Central region.

The phone rang, an older woman picked and the news hit - she is dead.

Another statistic to victims of unsafe abortions. And these women issues and many others drive her to take her advocacy seriously.

The Standpoint has seen panelists discussing topics such as 'Is Marriage the Ultimate?, Dealing With a Broken Heart, Life Without a Biological Child, Cervical Cancer, Safe Pregnancy, Understanding the Pregnant Woman, Breast Cancer, Pregnancy Did Not Stop Me, Life With a Sickle Cell Child, Life With an Autistic Child, The Muslim Man and Gender Equality, Women and Politics, among others.

The popular T.V presenter, Gifty Anti has been honoured with an “Excellence Award for Giving Women a Platform and a Voice,” at the African Women in Leadership Organisation (AWLO) conference.

In 2011, Gifty also received an award at the ‘Creative Industry Women Honors’, an event organised by the Musicians’ Union of Ghana. 

Gifty loves listening to music, she told Bola Ray.  Efya, Shain Twain gives her love, Becca's African Woman gives her work and youthful  Kakie, R2Bees, Sarkodie, Nana Borro remind  her that age may wrinkle the body, but a lack of passion wrinkles the soul.

"You bring out the best in me, you bring out the best in me", Efya's award winning song played in the background throwing up her dad's image, sacrifice and satisfaction on seeing what her daughter had become before he died lingering on the mind. Another unsung hero. who has produced for us a woman whose influence is germinating confidence and hope to many more women in Ghana.

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