Breaking tradition to become best in your career; Story of Emma Morrison

Breaking tradition to become best in your career; Story of Emma Morrison
Source: Ghana||Nathan Gadugah
Date: 26-07-2015 Time: 11:07:05:pm

She was every young lady's dream in the late 1990s and the reason why many men lust.

She was the goddess on TV and made TV3 news a must watch programme. The women admired her command over the queens language and her composure on set but the men admired something more - her voice and stunning beauty.

Emma Morrison mesmerised her viewers with her teaspoon-mouth-style of news presentation, the style that says don't open your mouth too wide but still get your message across to your viewers.

In the end it was not only her beauty and style that won her the prize. Those got her on set but it was her depth and dedication to duty that kept her there and in the hearts of many until she resigned from TV3 some three years ago.

Before that though Emma Morrison had won everything a journalist, a newscaster could possibly hope for in a competitive media environment and had risen to the pinnacle of media management.

She was at a time, the Newscaster of the Year, TV Personality of the Year, her news programme News 360 won TV news programme of the year and many others.

When she took her turn on Lexis Bills' Hall of Fame - the Personality Profile segment on Joy FM's Drive Time programme - it was clear the TV goddess had gone through the mill of a career she never dreamt to pursue but had attained mastery of the craft, the career that shot her to stardom.

She wanted to be a detective because she had been watching too many movies growing up but her appetite for reading, writing only drew her closer to the career path of journalism. It did not come on a silver platter though.

Fresh from GIJ and glowing in confidence, Morrison walked into Joy FM with the hope of getting a reporter's job to begin a new career but she was turned down. Her confidence gave way to hopelessness.

The hopelessness led her out of the country to cool off and when she returned to Ghana, TV3 was auditioning for newscasters and she decided to give it another shot. Another shot at journalism. It turned out to be the best shot.

Interestingly Emma Morrison has returned to the Multimedia platform, not as a reporter of Joy FM but as an Editor of Joy News TV.

Cheating mom to satisfy dad

Emma was the third born of her mom and one of 13 children to her dad - a perfect team for any competition.

Her path to fame was not the typical poverty to riches story but in many significant ways it shows a story of a lady born with a spoon in her mouth, not necessarily silver, but whose parents would rather have their children fight like everybody else, attain success by themselves and on merit and not through the overarching influence of a diplomat father.

She fought, grabbed every single opportunity as if it were her last; as if to tell her father that I will still make it in life with or without your influence. She made it but not without cheating her mom and satisfying her dad.

It was a battle between mom and dad over which secondary school little Morrison would attend. Dad wanted We Gey Hey, Mom wanted a different one. Dad issued a 'Wey gey hey fiat' and was in the next available flight typical of the job of a diplomat.

He had his say but mom had her way, or so she thought. She filled the SHS forms for little Morrison but chose her preferred school, not the one her husband had chosen for Morrison. Her mistake was that she didn't present the forms by herself. Morrison did but she too had a preference. It was  Wey Gey Hey, her dad's preference. She nicodemously changed the school that had been selected by her mom and chose the one she fell in love with.

And if you found her modeling on the Faanofa Streets at Kokomlemele, picking each step as if to dodge an egg; wearing a radiant smile as if she had spotted an angel then you should know where she picked up those traits. All that were part of a curricula, I hear.

Gideon's Swag

Emma and Gideon Aryeequaye were a sight to behold on set. They were such a perfect pair reading the news it was difficult convincing anybody life between them ended after each evenings news bulletin.

There were rumours they were dating and who wouldn't believe that? Well Emma heard the rumours as well but swore to Lexis there was nothing between the two of them, not even a thing! she said.

"Gideon had swag and had a way of firing me up on set" she said, but that was where it ended.

"He was like a brother to me," she confessed.




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