Photos: A laissez-passer to Joy FM Beauty and Bridal Fair 2017 ground, trendy items on display

Photos: A laissez-passer to Joy FM Beauty and Bridal Fair 2017 ground, trendy items on display
Source: Ghana | | Austin Brakopowers | | Instagram: @realbrakopowers
Date: 29-06-2017 Time: 06:06:02:pm
Joy FM Beauty and Bridal Fair 2017 official launch

It's simply free. You don't need wads of cedis to visit the Joy FM Beauty and Bridal Fair 2017, which opened on Thursday and will last until Sunday, July 2, 2017.

The mega-forum has for years been the best ground for couples and would-be to buy all that they will need to make their home complete. 

If you are under the impression that you need more money before you could visit the ongoing Joy FM Beauty and Bridal Fair 2017, you will need to rethink, because most of the items on display have discounts close to 50 percent. Yes 50 percent!

Are you ready for the tour? Sit back and let's cruise...

Cazabella brings you quality jewellery which will complement your beauty. Why not visit the store of the company here at the Accra International Conference Centre (AICC) to speak to them?

More of Cazabella Jewellery

It was last year that Joy FM spiced its signature event with the introduction of the Baby and Toddler Fair where everything your newborn baby needs. This is the shop of Sprogstore Limited here at AICC.

There are a lot of items on display at the booth of Sprogstore Limited. Why not try them?

On special occasions as the wedding or engagement of someone we're close to, the best and noble thing to do is to surprise the person. If you're in that spirit join us at the AICC.

Angels Beauty Supplies also supply all your needs when it comes to beauty products.

Brand Elegant also has all that you will need on that special day. Talk of flowers and lighting among others. Everything you will need they've got it covered.

This is the booth of Nkeli Cards. If you're ready for surprises do visit them.

Patrons are trooping to the venue to shop...and shop.

Photo taking is reserved for people who have been awe-stricken by something on display at the venue. If you find yourself doing that during a visit to the Joy FM Beauty and Bridal Fair 2017, know that you were simply attracted by the items.

Do you have any plan for vacation? Well you can have your Honeymoon at Alisa Hotel. The booth has been decorated attractively as it has been done in one of the Hotel rooms.

GH Beauty Artistry also has several items to sell to you.

Team GH Beauty Artistry will not disappoint as team members will take your through digestible things you need to know before that special day.

How does a purple colour look on you? Well, at PurpleQak the items are many and affordable.

Heard of PurpleQuak before? And what for?

If you're truly interested in how your skin turns out, you need to pay attention to the creams you apply on your body

Okay now let's focus on the D-day and the things you will need.

Pinkette Bridal has got you covered on that special day.

Hatics has all your accessory needs for the bride.

You should not lack anything unless you disregard the opportunity given to you by the Joy FM Beauty and Bridal Fair 2017.

Visit us and let's change your style for that day.