Doris Agbozo wins Home Affairs' ¢30,000 Mama’s Living Room Make Over competition

Doris Agbozo wins Home Affairs' ¢30,000 Mama’s Living Room Make Over competition
Source: Ghana | | Abubakar Ibrahim |
Date: 18-05-2017 Time: 08:05:51:pm

Ghana’s number one Family oriented programme on Joy FM, Home Affairs, hosted by Edem Knight-Tay last Saturday made the dream of one proud mother a reality.

Anita Doris Agbozo won the GHS30,000 Mama’s Living Room Make Over competition to have her living room refurbished by Kets Mahogany. 

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She was not the only proud mother celebrated on Mother’s Day as three other ladies entered the competition to win various gifts to show their mothers how much they are appreciated.

In celebration of Mother’s Day, Home Affairs programme had a competition in which participants took pictures of themselves and their mothers as well as a picture of their mothers' living rooms.

There was a total of not more than 10 ladies who entered the competition. They sent an email to tell the judges why their mothers' living rooms deserved the makeover.

The ladies together with their mothers then made a studio appearance to explain to compete for the best mother and partake in the knowing-me knowing-you competition.

Madam Agbozo, a Relationship Manager with one of the top banks and mother of Evangeline Aryee shared her story of determination, love and living a dream with the listeners.

She told of how she single-handedly raised her only child whom she conceived when she was still a secondary school student. A schoolmate who left her on her own after pregnancy never showed up and she had to go through a torrid time with stimatisation by her mates and society.

According to her, she ignored all advice from close friends and mates to abort the foetus since there was no man to take care of her.

Luck was on her side as she delivered during the long vacation and immediately continued with her studies when school resumed.

“I refused to stay home despite the stimatisation because I did not want to give up on my dream to be a lawyer," she recounted. 

Sadly, she had to abandon her legal studies when she lost her mother.

Madam Agbozo later gave up studying law as she did not have the support she needed to see her through.

She went ahead to study to be a stenographer and in the process ended up as a relationship manager at one of the top banks where she had been working as an Executive Secretary. 

Her daughter, Evangelina Aryee who entered her name in the competition from all indications knows her mother very well as she scored 16 points in a 20 points knowing-you knowing-me competition.

Another competitor, Remy Obeng, who entered the competition to win her mother Josephine Adu, 69, a retired teacher a living room makeover, described her mother’s living room as embarrassing to visitors.

Madam Adu brought the listeners to tears with her touching story of loss, despair and later, hope.

She was sacked from her marital home by her military husband before her first trimester when he came back from peacekeeping. To make matters worse, he did not tell her why he wanted her out upon his return.

The teacher said getting a transfer from Accra to Akim Oda to be with her parents was not easy as she had not planned and not prepared for it, but she had no choice.

She was lucky to finally get to be with her parent but she did not want to burden them with taking care of two people, so she had to double her efforts in everything she did.

Madam Adu said although she had the opportunity to go to the university, she did not want to leave her teenage girl to anyone considering how far she had traveled with her daughter so she skipped the opportunity.

She was determined for her daughter to get what she could not get in her life so she sacrificed everything for Mrs Obeng.

Mrs Obeng said her mother has struggled all her life and winning the dream makeover will be a great reward she could give to her mother. 

Also in the running for the dream makeover was Philomena Djaba, a retired teacher who got her daughter Victoria King to speak about the time they had together growing up. Madam Djaba spoke about the disciplinarian she was recounting the story about how she went to her daughter's school to instill some sense in her.

The mother of three and a second wife went through hell raising her first daughter who has just graduated from the university. Mrs King explained that her mother has done a lot for her telling how much she wanted to get the makeover to put a smile on her mother's face. 

Millicent Ahiadzo, a nurse, and mother of Esenam Adaklu also shared the sad story about how she received a phone call that changed her life. Her son called from home one afternoon to tell her about his father falling sick and being rushed to the hospital. Minutes later, she was called again and told the sad news of the passing of her husband. 

She was left on her own to take care of four children with the help of her siblings. Two of her children are currently in the university with another daughter who recently graduated working with a bank. Her last born is still in the senior high school (SHS). 

Esenam Adaklu believed that her mother has done a lot for them and deserved to win the living room makeover. 

All the mothers were given vouchers for treatment at Spa body and Beyond with products from Bio Care Curls and Naturals and textiles from Akosombo Textiles Limited (ATL).