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Italy observes day of mourning for earthquake dead
The Italian president visited the village of Amatrice, where the largest number of people died in Wednesday's earthquake. He was also to attend a memorial service with Prime Minister Renzi to honor the 290 people killed.

Refugees reach out to Italy earthquake victims
Refugees housed in a reception center near Ascoli Piceno were among the first to offer aid in the aftermath of the earthquake that shook central Italy. Alessandro Accorsi reports from the region.

Bangladesh police kill alleged 'mastermind' behind Dhaka cafe attack
Security forces in Bangladesh have reportedly killed three militants, including the suspected mastermind behind July's deadly Dhaka café attack. The Dhaka siege was one of the nation's worst-ever terror attacks.

Kerry, Lavrov make progress but fail to reach final deal on Syria
The two leaders hailed the steps they've taken in Geneva to bring an end to the war in Syria. However, the two sides still have yet to reach a deal that will secure a nationwide truce.

Putin calling strategic shots in Syria
While the world reels at the sight of a five-year old pulled from a bombed building in Aleppo, Fiona Clark looks at why Russia won’t give up on backing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Internal criticism of Turkey's Syria invasion
Ankara has invaded Syria to keep "Islamic State" fighters out of its own territory and prevent Kurdish territorial gains. In Turkey, the dual strategy was not only met with approval: critical voices are growing louder.

Bongo dynasty challenged in Gabon presidential election
Gabon has begun voting in presidential elections to decide whether President Ali Bongo will be unseated by a career diplomat and associate of his late father. Unrest and economic anxiety have risen as oil prices fell.

Scores of miners arrested over Bolivia minister killing
Authorities have arrested more than 40 protesting miners in Bolivia after a minister was beaten to death. President Evo Morales has called for three days of mourning and blamed the protests on a 'political conspiracy.'

France's highest administrative court suspends ban on burkinis
The Conseil d'Etat has suspended a ban on burkinis, or full body swimsuits, favored by some Muslim women. But some towns say that they will ignore the ruling and keep handing out fines to women who wear the garment.

Survey: Germans want a burqa ban
A new poll has indicated that more than three quarters of Germans don't want to see a full body veil in public places. The issue is currently the subject of heated debate across the country - and the rest of Europe.

UN announces plan to oversee Colombia peace deal
The UN has prepared a far-reaching mission employing hundreds of observers to verify an end to the fifty-year conflict between the government and FARC rebels. The deal is set to be tested by a referendum in October.

Zimbabwe police forcibly disperse rioters in Harare
Police have fired tear gas at a crowd of opposition supporters amid an outbreak of violence in Harare. President Robert Mugabe denounced critics saying the "Arab Spring is not going to happen" in Zimbabwe.

Australian teen becomes youngest person to fly single-engine plane around the world
An Australian teenager has made history by becoming the youngest person to fly solo around the world in a single-engine aircraft. It took the Queenslander seven weeks in his Cirrus SR22 propeller plane.

Lewandowski grabs hat-trick as brutal Bayern brush Bremen aside
On the opening night of the new Bundesliga season, Carlo Ancelotti's Bayern picked up where Pep Guardiola's Bayern left off, delivering a ruthless display of attacking football.

Minnesota governor orders limits on use of bee-killing pesticides
Governor Mark Dayton has called for limitations on the use of chemicals suspected of killing bees. The declining bee population has sparked concerns of a downturn in the state's agricultural sector.

Wolfowitz, a neocon and strong supporter of Iraq war, says he'll vote for Clinton
The former deputy defense secretary said that he has "serious reservations" about Clinton, but that Trump is too reckless. He joins a growing chorus of prominent Republicans who oppose the party's standard bearer.

'Fake beard' bank robber charged in Toronto crossbow killings
A suspect has been charged with three counts of murder after a violent attack in eastern Toronto. The man was previously convicted over a series of bank robberies in which he became known for the use of disguises.

Brazil authorities file corruption charges against ex-president Lula
After 13 years at the head of Brazilian politics, the Workers' Party was dealt another huge blow. Former President Lula da Silva will not be able to come to embattled leader Rousseff's aid as he faces charges of his own.

Visegrad countries urge EU to build a common army
Hungary's Prime Minister Victor Orban has proposed an EU-wide force to secure its borders. Orban is meeting German Chancellor Merkel and leaders of Visegrad countries Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic in Warsaw.

Turkey opens new bridge over the Bosporus
President Erdogan and other Turkish leaders have attended the opening of a third bridge in Istanbul spanning the strait between Asia and Europe. The government says it is the widest of its kind in the world.

Tunisia agrees on national unity government amid growing security concerns
The Tunisian parliament has approved the new government of Youssef Chahed. The decision ends months of negotiations as the country deals with various security and economic challenges.

New mobility for people living with disability in DRC
The Democratic Republic of Congo is making small but meaningful steps toward better access for people living with disabilities.

High school students celebrate Hitler-themed costume party in Argentina
Pupils from the German School near Buenos Aires have stirred up controversy after they went to a costume ball at a disco in Bariloche. The boys sported Nazi symbols like the Hitler mustache and the swastika.