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Pope Francis visits Auschwitz death camp
The pope has passed beneath the iron gate reading "Arbeit macht frei" at the former Nazi concentration camp. He is the third consecutive pope to visit the site where an estimated 1.1 million people were killed.

Israeli social media reacts to the pope's visit to Auschwitz
As Pope Francis meets with Holocaust survivors in Auschwitz, users took to social media to share their thoughts on the historic visit. More than 1.1 million people were killed in the former Nazi concentration camp.

Germany captain Bastian Schweinsteiger retires from international football
The Manchester United midfielder has called time on his international career after 120 appearances and a World Cup win. The move comes after limited first team opportunities at Euro 2016.

Turkey: military purge good for 'IS' fight
Turkey's foreign minister has said it's "unfortunate" that US intelligence says military purges were harming cooperation in the fight against the self-styled "IS." Thousands of military officers have been detained.

Putin reshuffles officials ahead of parliamentary elections
Vladimir Putin has dismissed Russia's ambassador to Ukraine and reshuffled regional officials ahead of the country's parliamentary elections in September. DW Moscow correspondent Emma Burrows looks at what it means.

Melania Trump website redirected amid degree questions
The website of US presidential candidate Donald Trump's wife Melania has vanished after questions were raised about her university education. Meanwhile, her husband focused on election rival Hillary Clinton's nomination.

Clinton accepts Democratic Party nomination for White House
In a speech billed as the biggest of her life, Hillary Clinton accepted her nomination as Democratic candidate for the presidency. She railed against rival Donald Trump, seeking to paint the Democrats as a party of hope.

ICRC: Anti-'IS' fight could displace 1 million in Iraq
One million people could be displaced in Iraq in coming months, the International Committee of the Red Cross reports. Government forces have intensified efforts to retake the city of Mosul from the "Islamic State."

How can Europe tackle 'IS'-inspired terrorism?
The risk of terror attacks carried out in the name of 'Islamic State' (IS) is best countered by monitoring radical groups and increasing intelligence cooperation, says Daniel Heinke of Bremen's Ministry of the Interior.

Rajoy begins battle to form PP-led government in Spain
Spain's acting prime minister has begun efforts to form a government. Following inconclusive elections in June, the king has asked Mariano Rajoy to put together a plan to end a long-running parliamentary deadlock.

Chelsea Manning could face solitary confinement after suicide attempt
US soldier Chelsea Manning, imprisoned for passing classified files to WikiLeaks, has been accused of misconduct following a failed suicide attempt. The transgender soldier may now face indefinite solitary confinement.

What EBA's bank stress-testing is for
The results of a new round of "stress tests" of Europe's biggest banks will be released Friday by the European Banking Authority. We examine the point of the exercise and take a look at the most vulnerable lenders.

Why Jakarta presses forward with drug executions despite global outcry
While many are reconsidering violent tactics in the "war on drugs," Indonesia has executed another round of traffickers. President Joko Widodo has relied on the killings to project a strong image within his county.

Australian leader refuses to nominate political rival Rudd to top UN job
The Australian government has declined to back a former prime minister's bid to be the next United Nations secretary-general. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said Kevin Rudd was not suitable to succeed Ban Ki-moon.

Measured response to tone and content of Merkel's 'we can do this' press statement
The response to Chancellor Angela Merkel's summer press statement within Germany has been measured. But weeks ahead of three state elections, politicians have been quick to score some points.

Air France grounds scores of flights
France's flagship carrier has canceled 10 percent of its long-distance flights because of a cabin crew strike. Flight attendants are protesting against further decreases in staffing levels for better working conditions.

Couple in India hacked to death over 22-cent debt
A shopkeeper in northern India hacked a couple to death over a debt amounting to 22 US cents, police said. The middle-aged couple was from the Dalit low-caste community.

Good-bye, video cassette recording!
Japanese electronics company Funai is pulling the plug on the production of video cassette recorders. It has been the only remaining firm making these devices, but now an era lasting decades comes to a close.