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Deutsche Bank shares recover on fine reduction report
Shares in Germany's biggest lender have risen rapidly on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange after plummeting to new lows earlier on. AFP reported the bank would have to pay less in fines over its sale of toxic mortgage bonds.

German interior minister revises 2015 refugee influx from 1.1 million to 890,000
The number of asylum seekers who arrived Germany last year was significantly lower than previous figures suggested. German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said 890,000 asylum seekers crossed into Germany in 2015.

German system to assess foreign doctors' skills 'too bureaucratic'
Doctors from conflict zones often do not have the papers to prove their qualifications in Germany. The lengthy exam process causes problems - including the closure of a clinic. Jenny Witt reports from Neumünster.

Rosetta scientists feel joy, sadness as probe completes its suicide dive
The European Space Agency’s Rosetta probe has sent its final message. The mission lasted more than a decade and has left ESA scientists feeling a mixture of emotions.

European Space Agency's Rosetta spacecraft crash lands on surface of comet
The European Space Agency has ended its Rosetta mission to a far-away comet by crash-landing the spacecraft on its surface. Rosetta, which carried the comet lander Philae, took pictures and measurements on its approach.

Philippines' Duterte compares anti-drug crusade to Hitler
The Philippines' recently elected president, Rodrigo Duterte, has welcomed a comparison of his role in the war on drugs to Adolf Hitler. The German government has called his comments "unacceptable."

EU ministers agree to ratify Paris climate deal
Ministers from the 28-member bloc have agreed to fast-track the ratification of the climate deal agreed in Paris. Germany and France have already validated the pact, which calls for a move away from fossil fuels.

Trump subtweet helps make Hitler biography a US hit
A 1000-page German biography of Hitler has become a US bestseller after a review implied parallels with Donald Trump. The book's translator, Jefferson Chase, says there are numerous points of comparison.

French jets join anti-IS coalition in Iraq
French fighter jets have taken off from the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier in support of the US-led coalition fighting IS in Iraq. Paris has stepped up efforts to fight the jihadist group since the attack in Nice.

Israel pays Turkey $20 million over flotilla raid: official
A Turkish official has said Israel has paid millions of dollars in damages for the storming of a Gaza-bound flotilla in 2010. Relations between the two countries hit the skids following the violent raid.

UN warns of world's worst humanitarian crisis in Boko Haram region
Up to 80,000 children will die in northeast Nigeria without much-needed humanitarian assistance, a senior UN official said. Boko Haram's insurgency has left tens of thousands dead, and millions more displaced.

US builds new drone base in Niger
Drones flying out of a new base in central Niger are expected to focus on giving reconnaissance support to existing counterterrorism operations, analyst tells DW.

Refugee-friendly German mayor beaten unconscious
Police suspect xenophobic motives after the mayor of Oersdorf was struck on the head with a club. Joachim Krebschull had been receiving threat for months.

Germany cordons off motorway after finding pipe bomb materials in car
Four men have been arrested after police found bomb-building materials in a car on the German-Austrian border. Authorities are investigating whether the Polish driver was smuggling migrants and weapons across the border.

Man finds living baby and skeleton of infant in suitcase
A living newborn baby along with the skeleton of another infant were been found in a suitcase in the city of Hanover. Police called to the scene arrested the suspected mother of the children at her workplace.

Pope makes subtle dig at Russia on arrival in ex-Soviet Georgia
Pope Francis has begun a visit to Georgia by calling for coexistence between all peoples and states in the region. His words were clearly aimed at Moscow, which has backed the breakaway of two Georgian regions.

Two stolen Van Gogh paintings recovered in Naples anti-Mafia raid
Italian police have recovered two stolen paintings by Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh. The works, found in an anti-Mafia raid, were taken from a museum in Amsterdam in 2002.

Autos go eco at the Paris Motor Show
As emissions regulations grow stricter, the auto industry is scrambling to build eco-friendlier cars. The Paris Motor Show is a showcase of how far they've come - and how much they still have to do.

Vattenfall finally out of German coal business
Swedish energy giant Vattenfall has said it has finalized its complete withdrawal from its coal operations in Germany. The company reiterated its view that it had to move on to focus a lot more on renewables.

Eurozone inflation finally picking up
Consumer prices in the euro currency area have begun rising more significantly, hitting a near two-year high in September and offering some hope that central bank monetary stimulus might eventually fuel economic growth.

Gündogan back in Germany’s squad ahead of World Cup qualifiers
The Manchester City midfielder returns after almost a year of absence ahead of next week’s World Cup qualifiers. Mario Gomez and Jerome Boateng are also included, while Dortmund’s Andre Schürrle is out with an injury.

Ralf Rangnick back in the running for England job
Sam Allardyce was sacked as England manager on Tuesday, after just 67 days in the job. The English FA have now turned their attention to RB Leipzig's sporting director.