Can you get in trouble for not wearing a bra at work?

Office attire can cause many debates – why do women have to wear high heels, do women have to wear high heels?

Korean women are smashing up their makeup to fight beauty norms

If women wear ‘too much’ makeup or too often, they’re asked to tone it down. If they hardly put it on, they’re advised to make more of an effort.

Amazing Grace: Exploring Grace Wales Bonner's exceptionally elegant womenswear

As the young designer installs a two-week-long collaboration with artist Eric N. Mack at's London townhouse, Vogue explore the cerebral elegance of her womenswear.

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Business women empowered at 5th Beauty Business Accelerator

Owners and managers of businesses in the beauty industry convened in Accra on October 10, for a Beauty Business Accelerator.

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Fashion Friday: Ghana's best designers showcase at Accra Fashion Week

Accra Fashion Week makes history as the first ever national fashion week in Africa to go twice a year putting Ghana on the forefront of the fashion map.

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Fashion Friday: Fabulous designs at Harmattan Edition of Accra Fashion Week 2018

Accra Fashion Week's 'Designer Fashion Auction' may just be one of the most revolutionary acts to be executed in Ghana.

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The new way women are dressing for work

Women entrepreneurs are redefining ‘dress for success’

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Turkey's financial woes create new opportunities for local fashion designers

Hordes of customers queuing in front of the Chanel store in Turkey’s upscale Nişantaşi area, made global headlines during the first half of August.

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Fashion Friday: Amazing photos from launch of 'Fashion of Change' collection

WaterAid Ghana and Charlotte Prive, unveiled an exclusive collection that gives back to eliminate WASH poverty with every purchase. 

Posted: 2 months ago   Views: 7834
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Michael Kors snaps up Versace for $2.1bn

US fashion giant Michael Kors has confirmed a $2.1bn takeover of Versace in a move that has outraged some fans of the Italian fashion house.

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Spanish Minister proposes tax on trying out clothes in stores

A regional minister in the Spanish province of Castilla y León has come under fire for proposing that brick and mortar clothing stores charge a fee for customers to try on clothes in order to discourage the ‘unethical practice’ of trying on clothes only to buy them cheaper online.

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African design with an Italian twist

An Italian-based fashion brand is gaining critical acclaim on the African continent for its eclectic designs using wax print.

Posted: 2 months ago   Views: 8527
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Glitz Style Fashion Photographer of the Year receives a Nokia 7 Plus From HMD Global

The Style Fashion Photographer at this year’s Glitz Style awards, Gilbert Asante, has received a Nokia 7 Plus, the Consumer Smartphone of the Year from HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones as part of his prize package.

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