Former BOST boss donates generator to Bibiani hospital

​​​​​​​The former Managing Director of BOST, Alfred Obeng Boateng, has presented 100 KVA generator to the Bibiani government hospital in the Western Region.

Ofosu-Barko Foundation offers free medical screening in Amansie West

Hundreds of residents of Pakyi-Bankro in Amansie West district of Ashanti Region have undergone free medical screening and health education.

Six ways social media negatively affects your mental health

​​​​​​​The rise of social media has meant that we as a global population are more connected than we have ever been in the history of time. 

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Want to ‘redesign’ your body? Read this

In recent times the issue of fat transfer from one part of the body to the other has become a fashionable art. It is sometimes referred to as body sculpture. The professionals call it plastic surgery to change a body shape that a patient is not comfortable with.

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A common struggle: How a mixture of narcotics and alcohol plunged me into anxiety attacks

I got my anxiety disorder or panic attack in July 2012 after I took some alcohol bitters mixed with narcotics that took my whole being to a different level. 

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Study reveals female SHS students abusing antibiotics  

Scientists are alarmed by the rate of abuse and misuse of the antibiotic drugs, amoxicillin and amoxiclav, among female Senior High School students in Ghana. 

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10 reasons why you could be gaining weight even though you are exercising

Most of the time, exercise can help with weight loss, but that's not always the case

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DR Congo Ebola outbreak: Death toll passes 200

More than 200 people have now died in the latest outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo, according to health officials.

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Global fertility has 'come down tremendously'

The world's total fertility rate has been cut in half since 1950, but the population is still rising, according to a study published Thursday in The Lancet.

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How to recognize stress drinking and what to do about it

When you’re under the cosh, turn to a friend rather than the bottle.

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Women warned over heart attack risks

Women who smoke, have diabetes or high blood pressure increase their risk of a heart attack more than men faced with the same risks, a large study of UK adults has found.

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Should you worry if your nipples point inward?

Some things in life are absolutely certain: The sky is blue, Chris Evans is the best Hollywood Chris, and nipples always point outward...right?

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Bridge for Equity Ghana, Medicas Hospital hold free breast cancer screening

As part of moves to educate and promote early detection of breast cancer amongst women, Bridge for Equity Ghana has collaborated with the Medicas Hospital to organise a free breast screening exercise dubbed ‘Pink October Climax’.

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