What you need to know about baby’s first words

​​​​​​​Many moms report that their baby’s first word was “mama”.

3 sisters are having babies at the same time

Ogechi Babalola was over the moon when she and her husband found out that they were expecting their first child together.

Canadian mother reunited with kidnapped son after 31 years

A Canadian mother has been reunited with her son who was abducted in 1987 as a toddler.

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27 funny and clever examples of children's logic

Kids often say hilarious and nonsensical things. But sometimes they make some really good points that make you think, “Can’t argue with that!”

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Picky eating may mask larger issues for children

Many children are picky eaters, making every meal a challenge. But for some, the problem goes deeper than not liking vegetables or whole-wheat bread.

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Redwood Universal launches Planters Summit parents conference

Redwood Planters Summit, a free conference for parents with primary and secondary school children, takes place on Saturday at the Fiesta Royale Hotel in Accra.

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Ask Eva: What does it feel like to give birth?

Eva advises a newly-married woman, who's beginning to think about having children, how to get her head around the idea of childbirth.

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It took 4 years, 3 miscarriages and 1,616 shots to make this baby

This photo is testament to an undying hope in the face of heartbreak after heartbreak.

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Video: Adolescent children need your friendship - Experts advise

The cordiality of the relationship parents have with children goes a long way to affect their development as adolescents.

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Video: A survivor’s story: She earns GHS250 a month, takes care of 8 dependants

Imagine earning only GHS 250 a month but having to cater for eight dependants and yourself.

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Photos: Dad 'breastfeeds' his newborn daughter when mum can't

When a Wisconsin couple went into hospital for the birth of their baby it was not just mum who had an eventful night, dad had to step up in a way he never imagined.

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Young woman shares heartbreaking images of tiny premature babies

A young woman has shared heartbreaking images of her premature babies on social media, taken not long after they had passed away just hours after they born.

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Women in Battle: The ultimate sacrifice to conceive and deliver babies

Hundreds of Ghanaian women who cannot conceive are known to attend prayer camps with the promise of getting pregnant, but some of them are left to die.

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