Why we faked our wedding

Recently, something happened to remind her of just how much social pressure there is for young people in the Democratic Republic of Congo to get married

7 signs you're too hard on yourself

​​​​​​​People who are too hard on themselves typically see their self-criticism as justified.

How female sex tourists are exploiting African Men

Older women from Europe and North America are now known to frequent African resorts in pursuit of ‘sexcapades’ as they are called.

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What divorced men wish they had done differently in their marriages

We asked divorced men to share some of the things they wish they had done differently while they were still married. Here’s what they told us:

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What divorced women wish they had done differently in their marriages

We first asked divorced men to share what they would have done differently in their marriages (you can read their responses here) and then asked divorced women to do the same.

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'Next month, I'm getting a double mastectomy. I'm only 24'

In early October 2009, two years after her diagnosis, the doctors told her there was nothing else they could do. She passed away less than a month later, on Oct. 24. She had just turned 47; I was 15.

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The “Good Morning” text is lazy and if you send it, so are you

The good morning text is the 2018 equivalent of a Facebook poke: annoying and unnecessary.

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How to protect your credit and assets when marrying someone with debt

You spent your single days building a good credit rating, paying off your debts and saving a nice chunk of change. Your partner? Not so much. In fact, your future spouse has quite a bit of debt.

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Can guys have multiple orgasms?

​​​​​​​Is there anything more frustrating than having great sex and wanting to go for another round, but not being physically able to? There’s actually a scientific term for this: the refractory period.

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The key to dating success could be having a roster

A few years ago, lifestyle editor Sheriden Garrett fell into a familiar routine with every semi-promising guy she’d date: They’d go out a few times, then she’d rush right into the exclusive stage.

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6 self-harming behaviors that ruin your chances of finding true love

​​​​​​​You’re single (again) and frustrated by the seemingly endless quest of finding true love and establishing a happy, healthy and mutually satisfying long-term relationship or marriage.

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What it's like to date as a 30-something virgin

It’s Not You, It’s Me is a series that looks at dating in America from the perspective of different ethnicities, sexual identities, life experiences and circumstances.

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What happens when life happens?

Ever imagined staying chaste all your life only to get married and never be able to give birth?

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