Man forced to live in his car to escape controlling and abusive girlfriend

A 59-year-old man who had moved from the United States to Britain in order to be with a woman he had met playing poker online recently decided to live out of his car just to get away from his controlling and sometimes violent girlfriend.

5 signs your spouse is cheating on you financially

For couples in monogamous relationships, cheating sexually is often considered the ultimate betrayal. But there’s one type of affair that could cause deeper scars than any hook-up: financial infidelity.

7 ways you can betray your partner without having an actual affair

In a monogamous partnership, having sex with someone outside the relationship can be a painful breach of trust.

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2018 Joy Beauty and Bridal Fair: The telltale signs your partner is having an affair

Relationship coach and author, PG Sebastian, agrees with most who say that having an affair is one of the biggest cardinal sins in marriage.

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'My wife can never call my name in public'

What's life like when your loving parents saddle you with a name that provokes shock, rudeness or awkward jokes across much of the Western world?

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I live with my husband and my girlfriend

“I never considered myself to be into women, but I absolutely needed to be with her.”

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CNN’s Christiane Amanpour divorcing husband of 20 years

CNN host, Christiane Amanpour; and husband of 20 years, Jamie Rubin, are divorcing.

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To have loved and lost

Bray asked each participant to find a photograph of themselves with their lost loved one before returning to the location to replicate the image.

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'Fall in love with his vision not his wallet' book by Mercy Balogun launched

We live in an age where the subject of relationship has taken many forms. Who is the right partner? How do you know if he or she loves you? What is marriage?

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The thing nobody knows about our perfect family - my husband is a monster.

The thing that nobody knows about our perfect family is that my husband is a monster. He is extremely verbally abusive towards me and, on occasion, our son.

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5 'love languages' everyone in a relationship should understand

Healthy relationships require open and honest communication, this is something we all know.

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6 women share why they and their spouses keep separate finances

After walking down the aisle, couples often see combining finances as the obvious next step. But times are changing, and some financial “rules” are meant to be broken.

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