Two-year-old smokes 40 cigarettes a day

Many smokers pick up the habit at an early age, but there are probably not many who started as early as Rapi Pamungkas.

Man pedals 650 km to take part in 100 km bike race, wins it, then pedals back home

This month, Kyle Messier, a 31-year-old bike mechanic, won the Big Red Gravel Run, a 100 kilometer bike race that takes place in Harrington, Quebec.

Ice cream puppies almost too real to devour

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The surprisingly successful business of luxury chicken diapers

In urban areas like New York, Denver, and Los Angeles, it’s become a trend for the elite to shy away from traditional pets such as dogs and cats, and to raise chickens instead. Although raising chickens used to be predominantly for rural farmers, it’s now not only chic to own these birds but a status symbol as well.

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Miracle house oozes oil from walls, helps desperate couples get pregnant

What was once an ordinary 3-bedroom home in the suburbs of western Sydney has now gained a reputation as a “miracle house”. Ash and oil leak from its walls in such a way that is reportedly “beyond science”.

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Pilot crashes plane into his own house after fight with his wife

A Utah man recently flew a small Cessna airplane into his own house, with his wife and her son still inside, after being arrested on charges of domestic violence.

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Bear walks into Connecticut liquor store

Security cameras at a Connecticut liquor store captured the moment a bear walked in through the front door.

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Woman goes to salon for eyelash extensions, leaves without any eyelashes

A Thai woman who went to a backstreet salon for “supermodel” eyelash extensions ended up with no eyelash at all after the beautician allegedly used super glue to attach the extensions, leaving the woman unable to close her eyes.

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Man fakes his own death so his wife would stop asking him for money

Danny Gonzalez, a 27-year-old Honduran man working in the United States, recently tried to fake his own death in an effort to stop his wife constantly asking him for more money.

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Woman who prefers dating ghosts to men now wants to have child with one

11 years ago, UK resident Amethyst Realm gave up on relationships with men in order to “have sex with ghosts”.

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Sex toys mistaken for bomb at Berlin airport

Employees at Berlin’s Schonefeld Airport were left abuzz on Tuesday after a passenger’s vibrator and other sex toys, were mistaken for a bomb, causing the terminal to be closed, CNN reports.

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Airplane employee steals and crashes plane

An airline employee who stole an empty passenger plane from Seattle airport has crashed on a nearby island.

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Philippines: Passengers on leaky train use umbrellas to deflect rain

Passengers on a Philippines commuter train were filmed outsmarting the train car's leaky roof by using umbrellas to deflect the rain.

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