Turkmenistan police inspect toilets for use of president’s newspaper photos as toilet paper

Police in Turkmenistan have begun inspecting public and private toilets across the country for evidence of photos of president Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov being used as toilet paper.

Judge rules Trump can't block individuals from his Twitter feed

A federal judge ruled Wednesday that President Trump cannot block people from his Twitter account in response to their political views because it violates their right to free speech.

Pregnant 71-year-old woman says she will soon become the world’s oldest mother

A 71-year-old woman from Mazatlan, Mexico, claims that she is six-months pregnant and will soon give birth to a beautiful girl. This would make her the oldest mother in history.

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US parents sue 30-year-old son who refuses to move out

The parents of a 30-year-old man have resorted to drastic measures in an effort to get their son to fly the coop: they are suing him.

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US policeman gives C-section to deer

New Jersey police say an officer performed a successful roadside C-section on a deer that had died after being hit by a car on Sunday morning.

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YouTuber saved by firefighters after cementing his own head in microwave

Firefighters spent an hour working to release a YouTube prankster who cemented his head inside a microwave.

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47-year-old model looks at least 20 years younger

Risa Hirako is a charismatic Japanese fashion model whose age-defying looks have become a hot topic among beauty bloggers and people looking for an anti-aging regimen that works.

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Student presents thesis in underwear after professor says her 'shorts are too short'

A student has stripped down to her bra and underwear during her thesis presentation in protest against her professor's comments that her choice of clothing was inappropriate.

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Woman legally banned from singing in her home; neighbours complain that she sounds like a drowning cat

A woman in Norwich, UK, was recently banned from singing and playing loud music in her apartment after neighbours complained that her screeching sounded like “a drowning cat”.

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Video: Woman sues man for not satisfying her - Judge Karen

Woman takes man to court after he leaves her unsatisfied following a weekend getaway.

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Video shows herds of Arctic reindeer walking in mesmerising circular patterns

A video of several reindeer herds on Russia’s Kola Peninsula, in the Arctic Circle, walking in circular patterns for no apparent reason has been getting a lot of attention on social media lately.

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Rejoice, you can now spend $1,450 on half a jacket

Unravel Project, a non-conformist luxury fashion brand created by French designer Ben Taverniti, is taking the ‘less is more’ concept to a whole new level with a deconstructed blazer that consists of half an actual blazer.

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