This suit-wearing dog is the best used car salesman we’ve ever seen

Paws down, car buying can be ruff. Fortunately, there’s a pint-sized car dealer who’s eager to help.

Wedding guest ‘stabs man to death and maims another

A wedding guest stabbed another man to death after he was heckled while performing a karaoke song.

New service has couples walking barefoot on broken glass on their wedding day

Couples looking for a unique and unforgettable wedding day experience can now add walking barefoot on broken glass on their list of options. A Spanish company recently introduced the service as a metaphor for marriage.

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Woman who broke her neck sneezing, does it again while laughing

One morning, in 2011, Monique Jeffrey, of Rose Bay, Australia, was at home, in her bed, checking her emails. She sneezed and her head suddenly jolted forward, collapsing the C1 and C2 vertebrae in her neck.

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Man sues date for texting during movie

Brandon Vezmar, a 37-year-old man from Austin, Texas, has become an overnight celebrity after he decided to sue his first date for texting too much during a screening of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2. He is asking for $17.31, which is how much he paid for her ticket.

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Man whose hand was sewn into abdomen is on the road to recovery

“I could feel my fingers wiggling inside my body,”

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The world’s most amazing five-a-side football field

This photo of a five-a-side football field surrounded by lush greenery in the jungle of Sabah, Malaysia, has been doing the rounds on the internet for the last few days. And for good reason, as it looks like a place that can only exist in someone’s fantasy.

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Dad tells daughter he’s ‘proud’ she became a porn star

It was only after Aurora Snow retired from porn that she was able to ask her dad how he really felt about her career choice.

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Accused shooter allegedly poops on his arrest warrant

He’s accused of attempted murder, but it’s what allegedly did afterwards that’s raising a stink.

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Ex-nurse forced to live in her car and eat dog food

A former nurse claims she is being forced to live in her car and eat dog food because her disability benefits have been slashed.

Posted: 8 days ago   Views: 6511
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Video: Show host drinks actress' breastmilk live on TV

An American TV show host Andy Cohen responded to an invitation to drink the breastmilk of an actress Amber Tamblyn during a live show.

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The people selling canned air to China

A growing number of companies are compressing and bottling fresh countryside air and selling it online. It sounds like a joke.

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