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India musician plays guitar during brain surgery

An Indian musician played the guitar on the operating table to help doctors treat involuntary muscle spasms in his fingers.

Ethiopian man is real-life hyena whisperer

Hyenas roam the streets of the ancient walled city of Harar in eastern Ethiopia every night, seeking scraps of meat to drag to the nearby caves.

Woman ends up in hospital after 'confusing builder’s foam with her hair mousse'

This picture proves once and for all how important it is to read the label on the can.

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‘Extremely rare’ discovery hidden for a MILLION years found falling child

A MONSTROUS discovery hidden for a million years has been unearthed by a stunned 10-year-old.

Posted: 4 days ago   Views: 8158
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ATM spits out desperate note from trapped man

Imagine going to an ATM to get some cash, and instead of a receipt, you get an eerie plea for help scrawled on a slip of paper.

Posted: 5 days ago   Views: 3587
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Tanzania: Worshippers drown during river baptism

Tanzanian police have detained a pastor after two worshippers drowned while being baptised in a river near Rombo in the north of the country.

Posted: 6 days ago   Views: 6407
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Australian senator of 9 years resigns after finding out he's from New Zealand

An Australian senator elected three times to Parliament resigned Saturday after revealing he'd learned was a citizen of New Zealand, and thus ineligible to serve.

Posted: 7 days ago   Views: 5168
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Watch: dog rides horse like a pro

A Texas Labrador retriever was filmed showing off an unusual trick: Riding a horse in a human-like fashion.

Posted: 8 days ago   Views: 4389
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Father of bride struck by lightning during wedding toast

Guests at a Canadian wedding received a shock -- one literally -- when the father of the bride was struck by lightning during his toast.

Posted: 10 days ago   Views: 6151
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'I've got a surprise for you': Husband blindfolds wife, chops off her fingers

A jealous husband is facing life in prison after chopping off his wife's fingers because she began studying for a degree without his permission.

Posted: 11 days ago   Views: 20107
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Canadian man killed by whale he saved

A Canadian man has been killed during a rescue operation after he cut an endangered whale free from tangled fishing lines.

Posted: 11 days ago   Views: 5578
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300,000 umbrellas stolen in share scheme start-up

An umbrella share scheme in China has backfired after almost all of its stock was stolen in the first few weeks.

Posted: 12 days ago   Views: 2107
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Lucky teen wins lottery twice in one week

Rosa Dominguez is one seriously fortunate teen.

Posted: 13 days ago   Views: 3534
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