Young woman lands dream job testing sofas for 10hrs a day

A 26-year-old Anna Cherdantseva, from the city of Ufa, in Russia’s Bashkortostan Republic is a full-time sofa tester, spending up to 10 hours every day trying out new sofas for comfort and safety.

‘Penis seat’ reserved for men appears on public transport

Known as the ‘penis seat’, the plastic is moulded into a man’s chest and groin area, complete with belly button, nipples and flaccid penis.

Church turns into beer bar after every Sunday mass

In Brielen, a small Belgian village of only 700 inhabitants, it was customary for church goers to meet up for a beer after every Sunday mass.

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Facial scanners installed in Beijing public toilets to combat toilet paper theft

To combat the rampant toilet paper theft in public toilets, local authorities in Beijing, China, have begun installing high-tech facial scanners that prevent users from taking any more toilet paper if they show up again within a certain period of time.

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Senegal religious TV channel broadcasts porn film

A religious TV channel in Senegal has broadcast a hardcore porn movie, causing shock among many viewers.

Posted: 7 days ago   Views: 14702
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Brewery uses recycled toilet water to make beer

San Diego-Based Stone Brewing, the ninth-largest brewery in the United States, recently unveiled its newest creation – a pale ale brewed using recycled water that “comes from the toile

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Indian men divorcing wives via WhatsApp by typing single word 3 times

Two Muslim women in India have recently filed complaints against their husbands – who happen to be brothers – for divorcing them via WhatsApp.

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Chinese man inflates tyre tube with his nose

Tong Junhai, a 44-year-old man from China, recently achieved international fame, after a video showing him inflating a tyre tube using only one of his nostrils has gone viral online.

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74-year-old man dresses as woman to make his mother happy

Every weekend for the past 14 years, Li Yinglai, an elderly gentleman from Kunming, China, has been entertaining visitors at the city’s Green Lake Park by dressing up in traditional women’s clothes, dancing and posing with tourists.

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Man ‘caught having sex with cow’ is marched naked to truck by police

A man who was allegedly caught having sex with a cow and then tried to escape naked told police he couldn’t resist the ‘urge’, say reports.

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Bizarre smartphone App lets you take photos, talk with the dead

In an effort to help people cope with the loss of their loved ones, a South Korean tech company is developing an app that lets them take photos and converse with digitally-rendered models of deceased friends and family.

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Brazilian scientists bake bread out of cockroach flour

With food shortage expected to become a major problem in the next decades, many experts believe that insects could become a major source of nutrients for people in the future.

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