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Rebel cow escapes slaughterhouse, swims away to uninhabited island

After making a daring escape while being loaded on a truck headed for the slaughterhouse, a cow in Nysa, Poland, swam to an uninhabited island on a nearby lake and has been living there ever since.

Fight over man's flatulence forces flight to make emergency landing

A pilot made an emergency landing after a fight broke out over a passenger who allegedly refused to stop passing gas.

Indian woman posing as man marries two other women for dowry

Krishna Sen, a woman from India’s Uttar Pradesh state who posed as a man for over 4 years, was recently arrested for marrying two women and harassing them for dowry.

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Woman uses large billboard to contact man who got her pregnant then blocked her on Facebook

A woman from San Luis Potosí, Mexico came up with an ingenious way of notifying the man who allegedly got her pregnant and then cut off all contact, even blocking her on Facebook, that her pregnancy test came out positive.

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Police capture inmate who escaped prison by leaving twin brother in his place

Alexander Jheferson Delgado, a convicted sex offender and burglar from Peru, was captured by police a year after successfully escaping prison by drugging his identical twin brother who had come to visit him, and putting on his clothes.

Posted: 4 days ago   Views: 6493
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Woman follows handbag into X-ray machine

Worried about your bags being stolen at security? One Chinese woman joined her handbag through an X-ray machine to prevent just that.

Posted: 5 days ago   Views: 6966
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Nigeria anti-graft body to probe how snake 'ate' over $100,000 govt funds

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) of Nigeria says it will get to the bottom of how a snake “spiritually” made away with 36 million naira cash ($100,000 plus).

Posted: 5 days ago   Views: 6448
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Anti-Valentine’s Day insoles let you walk all over your ex

Valentine’s Day is all about love and happiness, which makes it that much harder a holiday for people who have just been dumped by their partners. Luckily, a design studio is giving scorned lovers a chance to cope with their breakup by symbolically walk all over them.

Posted: 6 days ago   Views: 4559
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Brazilian drug dealer kidnaps medical staff, makes them vaccinate community against yellow fever

Thomaz Vieira Gomes, also known as 2N, is considered one of the most dangerous criminals in Rio de Janeiro, but recently he actually did something decent, albeit still illegal, for once.

Posted: 6 days ago   Views: 1158379
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Video: Woman suffers headache, wakes up with British accent

An Arizona woman who has woken up with different accents three times in the past seven years said doctors traced the unusual condition to a rare disease.

Posted: 7 days ago   Views: 7466
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Man drops iPhone 8 in cafe toilet, gets stuck trying to retrieve it

A man in Liuzhou, China’s Guanxi Autonomous Region, recently made national news headlines after getting his arm stuck in a squat toilet while trying to retrieve his iPhone 8

Posted: 8 days ago   Views: 6589
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Nigeria: Strange snake 'swallows' millions in cash at education office

A mystery snake is said to have sneaked into the accounts office of the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, JAMB, in Makurdi, the Benue State capital and made away with N36 million cash.

Posted: 9 days ago   Views: 20572
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Company to pay workers $5m because of missing comma in state law

A dairy in Maine has settled a class-action suit to pay 127 workers $5 million in owed overtime pay because of a missing Oxford comma in state law.

Posted: 9 days ago   Views: 8319
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