Real-life Rapunzel hasn’t had a haircut in 28 years

33-year-old Alena Kravchenko, a real-life Rapunzel from Ukraine, had her last haircut at age five, 28 years ago. Today, Alena’s hair is around two meters long and the young Ukrainian claims that she sometimes trips on it.

Gold-obsessed man wears 13kg of the metal wherever he goes

A Vietnamese businessman has been attracting a lot of attention on Asian social media sites for his obsession with gold. 36-year-old Tran Ngoc Phuc wears a total of 13kg of gold wherever he goes and is always accompanied by at least 5 bodyguards who make sure that no one tries to steal it.

The levitating stone of Shivapur: A controversial ‘miracle’

Every day, hundreds of tourists and devotees visit a shrine in Shivapur, a small village about 180 km east of Mumbai, in India, to witness a controversial “miracle” known as the Levitating Stone of Shivapur.

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Police slammed for spending almost $600 on DNA tests to catch thief of $2 yoghurt bottle

Police in the Taiwanese city of Taipei were accused of wasting taxpayers’ money on solving stupid cases, after local media revealed that they recently conducted DNA tests worth hundreds of dollars to find out who drank a student’s $2 yogurt bottle.

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Why a policeman was killed over 'cow slaughter'

A police officer in northern India was killed trying to calm a mob angered by reports that cows, regarded by Hindus as holy, had been slaughtered in the area.

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Mahama date of birth wins cash for Kumasi lotto stakers

Some residents of Kumasi look forward to a bigger fortune in the National Weekly Lotto with ‘locked up’ numbers linked with former President Mahama.

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Japanese boy breaks internet with his incredibly feminine looks

A 15-year-old Japanese boy has been getting a lot of attention in his country and in neighbouring South Korea for his unusually feminine looks and voice.

Posted: 8 days ago   Views: 6770
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Phrases like 'bringing home the bacon' could be banned to avoid offending vegans

You may think phrases like “bringing home the bacon” and “putting all your eggs in one basket” are harmless quirks of the English language, but they could be offending vegans and vegetarians, with one academic claiming they might end up being avoided altogether as a result.

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Artist creates giant Kanye West pumpkin for Christmas

An Ohio pumpkin artist turned some autumn art festive when she transformed a giant Kanye West pumpkin into a Christmas decoration.

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Thief steals laptop, sends apologetic email to owner

A university student who recently had his laptop stolen allegedly received an apology email from the thief, in which the person tried to justify the crime by claiming that they were really poor.

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Exhausted burglar falls asleep on the job

Russian media recently reported the comical case of a burglar who last week broke into an office building in the city of Orenburg and then fell asleep in an office chair.

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Football Club fakes players' death to get game called off

​​​​​​​An amateur football club in Ireland has recently come under fire for faking the death of one of its players in order to have a match postponed.

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50 human skeletons recovered from train in India

Government Railway Police (GRP) men on Tuesday arrested a suspected corpse smuggler and recovered from him 50 human skeletons at Chapra railway station in India’s Bihar Saran district.

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