The South African mountains older than continents

Long before the formation of the African continent, the Makhonjwa Mountains pierced the surface of the ocean and witnessed the evolution of life.

The most photographed house in Africa

Hailed as the most photographed house in Africa, the African Heritage House is owned by American designer and Architect, Alan Donovan.

Berlin nightlife from the wildly hedonistic to the traditional

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Hotspots, not trouble spots: Africa seeks tourism boom

Africa draws just five per cent of the world's tourists despite boasting attractions ranging from the Pyramids and Victoria Falls to wildlife safaris and endless strips of pristine beach.

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Ghana among top 3 fastest- growing markets for Airbnb

Ghana is among the top three fastest- growing markets for Airbnb, a home-sharing platform on which travellers are turning to find accommodation in homes.

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The Indian tribe that deals in venom

Known for their ancient and intimate knowledge of snakes, the Irula tribe’s skills form an important but nearly invisible part of the healthcare system in India.

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Airport hotels with the best runway views

Airports are fascinating places, yet with the rush of check-in, security lines and boarding gates as we head out on our travels, we often don't have time to truly experience them.

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Why Edinburgh’s clock is never on time

Edinburgh’s landmark clock tower has been responsible for keeping commuters and travellers on time for more than a century – and yet it is never correct.

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Best beaches on Milos, Greece

Dazzling white rock formations, hidden caves and breathtaking beaches contrast with arresting blue seas to make Milos one of the most impressive islands in Greece.

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A village in India where clean living became a tourist attraction

Hidden in the lush greenery of the East Khasi hills of Meghalaya State along the Indian border with Bangladesh lies the pristine village of Mawlynnong.

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A blueprint for Africa’s future cities

Mauritius’ forward-thinking and nimble policies have resulted in the island nation riding the wave to the centre of investment and development in Africa.

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Cities that make living easy

Navigating a new place can be challenging no matter where in the world it is, but certain cities make day-to-day living a lot easier than others.

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