My Musing: Pursuit of Titles – Literary Fraud?

I sometimes end up sending the article to them on the ensuing Tuesday because I usually have to subject myself to some rigorous mental torture, if you like. I even sometimes have to solicit titles from recipients of My Musings who also dabble in the art (like I did for this one).

The invisible hand of government in cedi depreciation

As the normal principle of economics says, when a domestic currency depreciates it makes the prices of goods and services decline compared to the international prices.

Live from the Woods: Kan Dapaah’s silence fuels vandalism of NPP thugs

We’re three months into the thug government of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and there appears a grand scheme to put fear in the citizens.

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Abraham and the Shoemaker – Message from the Morning Man

Back in the 1860s, the United States Senate was a very different place from what it is today. Arguments made on the floor were not so decorous as they are today.

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Please bring back my old British Airways

It must be a busy time in the PR department at British Airways. Stories have been flowing through the press about that airline almost daily, waxing and waning in appeal like a good news/bad news joke.

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SAMSON’S TAKE: Why we don't win the corruption fight – A fight?

I have shown that it is untrue that we need more laws to fight corruption in Ghana. I have shown that, beyond the grandstanding lip-service, political leadership is simply not committed.

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In defense of Manasseh Azure Awuni: A voice of the people

Manasseh Azure Awuni, one of Ghana’s finest investigative journalists, must certainly be causing too much discomfort for some of the people lurking in the corridors of power in Ghana.

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Let’s start management of electricity challenges with Industrial Consumers

Over the past three decades there have been five episodes of power crises with increasing duration and severity. In each case, the source of the supply shortfall is traced almost exclusively to insufficient spare capacities.

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Our rivers flow with milk and poison

Our tours took us through about 80 cocoa villages in three regions. I saw no rivers that looked like real rivers. They all looked like some milky,uninviting yellowish moving fluids.

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Live from the Woods: NDC facing unprecedent split as civil war rages over 2016 defeat

The disunified kerfuffle in the NDC is a stark reminder that it’s not business as usual. There’s a brewing civil war in the party that has senior members picking sides.

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85% of local gov’t budget expected from donors

Parliament has, by consensus, approved a total of Ghc321million as the annual budget for the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, and as it turns out, some 85percent of the amount is expected from donor sources.

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Live from the Woods: Of ‘tit for tat’ politics, NPP Invincible Forces and Kintampo Waterfalls tragedy

If discussions about the Kintampo Waterfall accident bring a sense of deja vu, it's because Ghana has been here before - there are countless disasters that have been recorded.

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Occupational sexism

Occupational sexism (also called sexism in the workplace and employment sexism) refers to any discriminatory practices, statements, actions, etc. based on a person's sex that are present or occur in a place of employment.

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