Samson’s Take: Even an under-20 wanted to be an adviser to the President?

Why does anybody think such a body to advise the President is for inexperienced graduates or a place where people can buy votes to do partisan politics?

Missing vehicles: The car theft is not greed, it is poverty

Last year, on the eve of the day of the NDC campaign launch in Cape Coast, I felt scandalized by the fleet of over-speeding horn-touting hazard lighted V8 vehicles that raced on the Accra Cape Coast road; it was reckless, and opulence, on display.

Mr. President, keep an eye on Chieftaincy & Religious Affairs Ministry

If President Akufo Addo were to ask which of the various ministries needs the most attention, the answer will be the Chieftaincy and Religious affairs.

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If I were a Sociology Lecturer

After decades of leaving the Department of Sociology of the University of Ghana, I had the chance to once again see some of the lecturers who I greatly admired.

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Edwinology's Lab: The 'condonisation' of condoms

When an army surrenders, it hoist a white flag. when a morality surrenders it hoist a white condom.

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The Most Powerful Thing in the World: Message from the Morning Man

So it’s the day of love. To be honest, I try not to make a big deal of it, because, the way I see it, every day ought to be a day of love.

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MANASSEH’S FOLDER: I saw Mahama’s Ford Expedition at Flagstaff House last month

Last week, the Deputy Executive Director of the National Service Scheme (NSS), Nana Boakye, said the Ford Expedition given to President Mahama by the Burkinabe contractor, Djibril Kanazoe.

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Why I now support Free SHS

I was one of the critics who felt that Ghana didn’t need free Senior High School education, when President Nana Akufo-Addo, then Flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in opposition, started trumpeting the idea ahead of election 2012.

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If I were to ask you to donate blood on Valentine’s Day

I did my first blood donation in 2014. I must confess, despite my inhibitions and apprehensions, I enjoyed it. I felt free, liberated and proud of myself for taking that bold step.

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My Musing: ‘Broken Hair-ted’

An Indian hemp-induced ‘afro’ hairstyle was also out of the question for a young man cutting his teeth in the corporate world. I cried within me on my way home that day.

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Live from the Woods: The President Ghanaians want to see in Akufo-Addo

I have witnessed the era of four presidents in the country. And in all, I saw the impunity and sheer deliberateness with which things were done in the country by either the Presidents or their appointees.

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Lord Boat’s Files: If Oti-Bless…why not Otiko

Yes! Two days ago was the judgment day… this was not the end time though.

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Live from the Woods: Actions of Akufo-Addo that make him a silent Donald Trump

One sharp contrast between Presidents Donald Trump and Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is that whiles one flaunts the hair on his head in public, the other has nothing to show.

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