MANASSEH’S FOLDER: Afriyie-Ankrah’s GYEEDA confession and Ghana’s compromised battle against corruption

In 2013, Ghana was hit by one of the biggest corruption scandals ever recorded since it become a nation-state in 1957 and become a republic in 1961.

Imani Alert: What value will the Nation Builders Corp programme bring to economy?

Governments across the world particularly in developing countries have renewed their commitments to fighting youth unemployment in recent years.

Is Menzgold really a Ponzi scheme?

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Let your women keep quiet in the church (Pt. 1)

Paul was admonishing the women in the church to submit to sound teaching by being silent while they learn and not fall prey to deception like Eve did.

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Rami Baitie writes...This Ghana!

Then I realised that he accelerated and bent down and scooped up what was clearly a ¢2 note. What? Where did the money come from? A tip? A bribe?

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Samson’s Take: The elusive Ghana agenda

In part two of my series on the ideal envisaged by our forebears, which ideal finds expression in the 1992 Constitution, I do a brief reminder of a critical element needed for building a sound country.

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Inside Asiedua's Chest: My husband’s bestie

After a long lecture about being careful and studying hard, with his forefinger pointing at me and in a deadpan tone my father said: “You better not come home with just a degree, you should come with a responsible man as well.”

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Is God Male Or Female?

Exalting yourself above others because of your sex for any reason at all (including the misinterpretation of scripture) is sexism.

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Protecting the public purse - travel bans, travel guidelines and the Bawumias

It has been more than twenty four hours since I put out an open letter on behalf of the Minority for the primary attention of the Honourable Chief of Staff...

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The social impact of the miraculous

I am not too shocked that the world does not recognize the social impact of the miraculous because even believers think of it as merely magical.

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Ghana Banking Crisis – Cleaning financial sector through standards

In the wake of the public outrage following the dissolution of five more banks within a year of the liquidation of two others, the discussion about blame and responsibility has degenerated into a dispute over facts and records.

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Zero Hunger: Our actions today are our future tomorrow

According to the latest estimates, the number of undernourished people in the world increased in 2017, for the third consecutive year.

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