One district one factory: a holistic approach

Ghana saw a regime change at the 2016 electoral poll. Against many odds, the opposition party took the mantle of leadership from an incumbent that had made significant contributions to the country's infrastructural landscape.

Wind: Message from the Morning Man

So the new book is out on (date to be announced), and in anticipation, here’s another tasty morsel in advance. It’s a rather amusing story I told to make a rather serious point.

If I were to commend 6 super moms

Every one reading this message has been influenced by a mother and other women who have “Mothered” them in one way or the other.

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Trump attacked the free press, and he got exactly what he deserved

“No politician in history, and I say this with great surety, has been treated worse or more unfairly,” Donald Trump said this week as he heard the special prosecutor’s footsteps

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Ace Ankomah writes: 'Mini-maelstrom' to my opinion on Delta 8 release expected

I fully expected the mini-maelstrom that my view on the discharge, not acquittal, of the Delta 8 (not the original Delta 13) would cause.

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Samson’s Take: Strictly legal - nolle prosequi 101

Today, let’s get some education about this frequently used legal terminology. It’s been used a lot this week though it didn’t show up in court in the Delta Force 8 case.

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Ace Ankomah writes; Evidence (even false evidence) beats truth if truth has no evidence

And so I am probably going to disappoint myself and several other people with what I am going to write about the Kumasi Delta discharge. But my head must speak on this matter, and not my heart.

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Chasing Dreams After 5

It is encouraging to hear stories of how people quit their regular jobs, in some cases, high-paying jobs to start their own businesses.

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Simpa Panyin: Dear Minister of Employment, What do you need a Human Trafficking Documentary for?

I was disappointed, that such a demand could come from you, and by extension the National Steering Committee on Child Labour.

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Dear White House aides: Save yourselves. Save us.

Leave the room as quietly as you can. Find a box. Go back to your office, pack up your things, leave the badge on the desk and go.

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Pro-Con Analysis on Ekow Spio-Garbrah’s presidential ambitions: “Now or never”

*Spio-Garbrah has to rekindle the light or be consigned as an also-run*

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There was a Time When Education in Ghana was loved for its own sake

One of the terrible consequences of having to live abroad for a long time is the gulf that is created between oneself and people whom one has lived with and loved in the past.

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Our Heroines: A short story of Isha

Two weeks ago, I had the rare opportunity of mounting the same platform with other distinguished Ghanaian Moslems, including Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, Vice President of the Republic, to receive an award as the “HEALTH PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR" during the 2017 edition of the GMAA.

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