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Samson’s Take: Disobeying the SC is a sin that ‘kills’ even presidents

During her vetting last week, now Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo told the MPs a simple truth that of the three arms of government it is only the judiciary that Ghana can’t do without.

The callousness of state officials is killing people everywhere in the world

Seventeen people have been reported as having died from the inferno. But there are fears that the final death toll will be much higher – probably passing the 100 mark.

Rev Gyakari writes: Thyatira; awake from your bed of filth, sin

Today, I write about Thyatira, a church so generous in giving that it fed the saints and gave back to society.

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Kwaku Azar writes: Honouring Invitation for Reform presented by GLC Admissions Case

The Supreme Court, on June 22, affirmed our contention that the General Legal Council’s (Council) imposition of an entrance examination and interview requirements for the Professional Law Course violates Articles 11(7), 297(d), 23, 296(a), and 296(b) of the 1992 Constitution.

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Rawlings at 70; will the revolution ever be televised?

Uncle Ebo Whyte also pledged to President Rawlings that "your story will be told". In truth, to his credit and with my begrudging admiration, President Rawlings has been telling his version of his story from the beginning of time.

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How nurses can cope with higher workload, other challenges

In previous reports, we covered the rapid growth of the country’s healthcare industry and how it is affecting stakeholders.

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Exploring relationship between Civil Engineers, Climate Scientists in 2017

Civil engineers work designing, building, and maintaining structures. This encompasses everything from roads and railways to buildings, oil rigs, and structures, to the extraction of renewable energy.

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Lake: Message from the Morning Man

Today’s message is one of my favourites from the upcoming book, Inspiration from the Morning Man. It’s called Lake.

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Effah-Dartey writes: The Chief Justice?

Reader, let me say it bluntly, without mincing words: I have a big problem with the office of the Chief Justice as set out in our Constitution.

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Rev Gyakari writes: The test of sonship, why you need to be on God's side

Every believer is an adopted son of God and this is one truth that should get us in a celebrant mood. This is the greatest good news the world has received.

Posted: 2 days ago   Views: 2387
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Ghana’s healthcare growth calls for more nurses

Healthcare is quickly becoming the fastest growing industry in Ghana. There are a lot of initiatives and investments that help push not only the scale of the healthcare industry but also the quality of healthcare services going forward.

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The Sicho Standard: Message from the Morning Man

So the new book is due out in just a few weeks, and we’re really excited. It’s filled with great life-affirming gems like today’s Message of Motivation. It’s a tale from my Augusco days, and I call it “The Sicho Standard.

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Rev Gyakari Writes: Think right, speak right

In my latter days at the university of Ghana, I remember watching a documentary titled: "the secret". All that the video was pointing at is the power of the mind in attracting everything the soul desires.

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