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Samson’s Take: RTI law will kill the corrupt, pass it now!

" the minimum, just lay this democracy-entrenching and citizen-empowering law for passage at the next session starting May “to protect and preserve public property and expose and combat misuse and waste of public funds and property”.

Thoughts of a Nima boy: Hajj Shuaib, the white-beared colossus is no more

It was least expected that Hajj Shuaib would leave very soon. He was full of life and had even led the Isha prayers at his Nima mosque the night before.

Sanitation is a state of the mind - In support of Joy Fm Clean Ghana campaign

The campaign and fight against filth in Ghana must begin with the mind.

Latest Stories From Opinion
Right of Abode as provided under Immigration Act 2000 (Act 573)

Mr Speaker, this statement seeks to draw attention to the “Right of Abode” as stipulated by the Immigration Act, 2000 (Act 573)

Posted: 2 days ago   Views: 1229
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I will not say anything about the Komenda Sugar Factory

Today I am not sure if I’m writing. I have felt upset, to the point that I decided not to write anything. There seems to be no end to how we are determined to be poor at what we do, as a nation, and so I am not going to write anything.

Posted: 2 days ago   Views: 3003
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Use your own superpower

Once I found my then six-year-old son staring quite sadly at some pictures of superheroes.

Posted: 2 days ago   Views: 2108
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Rev Kisseadoo writes: Arguments in our relationships, marriages, homes

Declaring victory at the end of an argument does not necessarily make you the winner, especially if seeds of discord are sown, and disunity results.

Posted: 3 days ago   Views: 2311
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Nana Yaa Ofori-Atta writes...What in the name of...

....perhaps we should be nicer to our embattled Chairman of the Electoral Commission, a certain Charlotte Osei? I should work on beginning to warm to her. After her impeachment matter is over.

Posted: 3 days ago   Views: 3910
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In defense of Ghana Beyond Aid

Lao Tzu once said, “Knowing others is intelligence. Knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.”

Posted: 3 days ago   Views: 1513
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That’s my opinion: The media and the magpie syndrome

We in the media, with all our sins, have become one of the most trusted institutions in Ghana.

Posted: 4 days ago   Views: 2335
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The data conundrum on Ghana's travel and tourism industry

"...there is a dearth of data or dated data (where obtainable) published by the industry’s governing institutions in Ghana..."

Posted: 5 days ago   Views: 3268
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Nana Yaa Ofori-Atta writes...Three strikes

This is not California or any of the other 21 states in America that effect rules for habitual offenders. More is the pity.

Posted: 5 days ago   Views: 3602
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