Thai boys relive 'moment of miracle'

The 12 boys rescued from a flooded cave recall their ordeal, saying they had no food for nine days.

Russian 'agent offered sex for job in US'

An alleged Kremlin agent offered sex for a job with an American special interest organisation she targeted, say US officials.

Archaeologists unearth a mysterious sarcophagus in Egypt

Egyptian archaeologists have unearthed a rare find -- an enormous black granite sarcophagus said to be the largest ever found in Alexandria, Egypt.

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Thai cave rescue boys relive 'moment of miracle'

The 12 boys rescued from a flooded cave in Thailand have spoken publicly of their ordeal for the first time, describing the "moment of miracle" when divers found them.

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Trump, facing fury, says he misspoke with Putin

President Donald Trump said he had misspoken on Monday and had meant to say he saw no reason why it was not Russia that meddled.

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Flying lava injures 23 in Hawaii

Flying lava has struck a tour boat in Hawaii, injuring 23 people, officials in the US state say.

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Pussy Riot protesters charged over pitch demonstration

Russian authorities have charged four members of the punk activist group Pussy Riot for disrupting the World Cup final by running onto the pitch.

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Air of optimism sweeps France after World Cup glory

Winning the World Cup doesn't mean that France is poised for a surge of self-confidence, resulting in higher economic growth and contentedness for all.

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Thai boys' tears for lost rescue diver

The 12 young footballers who were saved from a Thai cave after an international rescue effort are mourning a former Navy Seal who died in the operation.

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33 passengers hospitalized after Ryanair flight plummets almost 30,000 feet

Over 30 passengers were hospitalized, with some complaining about bleeding from their ears, after a Ryanair flight plummeted 28,000 feet...

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Israel deals 'hardest blow' to Hamas since 2014 Gaza war

Israel has carried out its biggest attack against Hamas militant targets in Gaza since the war in 2014, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says.

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Afghanistan conflict: Civilian deaths hit record high, says UN

The number of civilians killed in the long-running war in Afghanistan reached a record high in the first six months of this year, the UN says.

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