Venezuela expels top US diplomat

Venezuela has expelled the senior US representative in the country amid an international backlash against Nicolás Maduro's re-election as president.

US to probe Trump campaign 'infiltration'

Trump contradicts advisor on North Korea

US President Donald Trump has contradicted his own national security adviser, saying the so-called "Libya model" for denuclearisation is not being pursued with North Korea.

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Melania Trump undergoes surgery for 'benign kidney condition'

US First Lady Melania Trump has undergone surgery for what the White House described as a benign kidney condition.

Posted: 9 days ago   Views: 1702
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US city approves 'most restrictive abortion bill in US'

The US state of Iowa has approved an abortion law banning most abortions once a foetal heartbeat is detected.

Posted: 21 days ago   Views: 1064
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US senators allowed to bring babies into chamber

The US Senate has agreed new rules that allow members to bring infants into the chamber when they vote.

Posted: 1 month ago   Views: 2179
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US set to request 5yrs social media history for visa applicants

The Trump administration is seeking to change visa applications to require all applicants to turn over five years of social media history.

Posted: 2 months ago   Views: 34065
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Mass rallies on US gun control

The protests - under the banner March For Our Lives - have grown out of a movement calling for change after 17 people were killed by a gunman at a high school in Florida last month.

Posted: 2 months ago   Views: 2233
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Rescuers scramble to help beached whales after mass stranding in Australia

More than 140 short-finned pilot whales died after a mass stranding on a beach in Western Australia on Friday.

Posted: 2 months ago   Views: 1949
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Donald Trump's top lawyer resigns

US President Donald Trump's lead lawyer for the special counsel investigation into Russia interference in the 2016 election has resigned, US media report.

Posted: 2 months ago   Views: 3532
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Fired FBI man 'gave notes to Russia probe'

Mr McCabe was fired from the FBI on Friday following an internal inquiry. Mr Trump had accused him of bias.

Posted: 2 months ago   Views: 3113
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