Health experts to converge at ‘Healthcare Safety and Quality’ summit on June 17

Health experts to converge at ‘Healthcare Safety and Quality’ summit on June 17
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Date: 14-06-2019 Time: 05:06:24:am

A summit to stimulate discussions on healthcare quality and safety has been slated for June 17 and 18 at the Coconut Groove Regency Hotel, in Accra.

The summit will bring together national and international thought leaders on quality and patient safety.

Based on the theme, ‘Transforming and Navigating Healthcare Quality and Safety into the Future’ organisers of the event believe that the time has come for healthcare practitioners to work towards the effectiveness of the sector.

National and international health policy makers, government officials, health professionals and practitioners (both clinical and non-clinical) from the public and private sector are expected to attend the summit organised by AfIHQSA and ISQua.

AfIHQSA is a pan-African institute focused on equipping frontline healthcare workers and health institutions to improve the quality of care outcomes.

It was born out of the identified need and call to improve the quality of healthcare in Africa. AfIHQSA fills the gap in available institutions on the continent with capacity to train frontline healthcare workers in the principles and the application of quality and safety in health systems. The goal of AfIHQSA is to facilitate the institutionalisation and sustained practice of healthcare quality principles, approaches and processes, and procedures in health facilities.

ISQua is a member-based, not-for-profit community and organisation dedicated to promoting quality improvement in health care. ISQua has been working to improve the quality and safety of health care worldwide for over 30 years. It seeks to achieve its goal through education, knowledge sharing, external evaluation, supporting health systems worldwide and connecting like-minded people through our  healthcare networks.

AfIHQSA and ISQua have joined forces to support each other on a common agenda to make quality healthcare easily accessible.


There have been three global publications in 2018 that have revealed the sub-optimal nature of quality of care and patient safety globally but significantly in lower-middle-income countries (LMIC). The significant increase in the efforts and investments in the health sector has not resulted in a proportional increase in the quality of care outcomes.

Many countries are yet to heed to the call of redesigning their health systems to make quality and patient safety the primary goal of service delivery. Efforts towards Universal Health Coverage will not be meaningful without ensuring that the care and care outcomes desired are of the highest quality. Country health systems and the global health community must take a break and consider how the principles and concepts of quality and patient safety can be embedded and operationalised at all levels of healthcare.


The objectives of this summit include:

-Provide a platform for national and international thought leaders, policy makers and health professionals/practitioners (clinical and non-clinical) to discuss and identify solutions that can facilitate the navigation and transformation of healthcare quality and patient safety into the future

-Foster and promote networking, and hands-on-skills development that will advance the institutionalization of the practices and culture of quality in healthcare institutions

Expected Outcomes

New ideas and consensus on the dos and don’ts to institutionalising quality into health care

Increased awareness and competencies of participants in basic approaches and methodologies in institutionalizing the practices and culture of quality, in healthcare institutions.

Program Design

The summit will be a two-day knowledge acquisition, skills-building and hands-on summit.

The program will have presentations from healthcare quality and safety experts drawn from the national and international community such as ISQua, WHO, COHSASA, Global Fund, AfIHQSA, Ministry of Health (MoH)-Ghana, PharmAccess Ghana, National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA), Ghana Health Service (GHS), Nyaho Medical Center, C&J Medicare Hospital amongst others. There will be:

Four Keynote plenary presentations, on thought-provoking and contemporary topical issues, delivered by experienced resource persons.

Four-panel discussions each exploring various aspects of quality of care at different levels of the health system as:

The National Quality Strategies: Progress, Challenges and The Way forward

Implementing Quality at the Primary Healthcare level: Experiences and Lessons Learnt

Implementing Quality at the Secondary/Tertiary level: Experiences and Lesson Learnt from Public & Private Facilities

Strengthening health systems to deliver quality and safe care

Three parallel Master Classes that will focus on introducing participants to skills and competencies through hands-on practical sessions. These MasterClasses will explore the following themes:

Master Class 1: Leadership Competencies for Quality

MasterClass 2: Accreditation: The Driver of Quality

MasterClass 3: The Business Case for Quality

There will also be opportunities for networking, breaks and side meetings and discussions.

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