Take charge of your heart – Head of Cardiology, KATH

Take charge of your heart – Head of Cardiology, KATH
Source: Ghana|myjoyonline.com
Date: 20-06-2019 Time: 11:06:40:am

The head of the Cardiology Department of the University of Ghana is entreating Ghanaians to have control of the health of their heart by checking their blood pressure and sugar levels regularly. 

Dr Joseph Akama stated that regular control of one’s blood pressure and sugar levels helps to prolong one’s heart health and life in general. 

“What we are trying to get my fellow Ghanaians to do is to take charge of their heart health…know that the only way to survive is to know that your blood pressure is well controlled,” he told Joy News Thursday. 

According to him, problems of the heart such as heart failure, heart attack, chest tightness and cardiac arrest are as a result of failure to seek medical attention on petty problems which afflict the heart. This eventually builds up to worsen the situation and eventually leads to death, he added.

The lecturer who is also with the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital gave six ways to maintain and regulate a healthy heart. 

First, always check your blood pressure.

Knowing your “numbers” (blood pressure) is important as blood pressure changes over time. The average blood pressure for a person is 120/80 and should be regulated as it may increase or decrease due to various factors. 

Secondly, eat healthily. 

Eating a lot of organic foods, especially fruits and vegetables can also help maintain a healthy heart. A balanced and substantial meal is important for a healthy heart as well as general health.

Thirdly, Sleep well.

Nine hours is the normal duration for an individual to have a good sleep. Too much or less than that has its negative effects that can make the heart prone to disorders. 

Fourthly, control blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol.

Dr Joseph Akama stated that having control of your blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol begins with being aware of it before believing anything your doctor says. The awareness gives an individual more control so he can regulate his “numbers” properly.

Again, stay away from infections and inflammations.

Most conditions are enhanced by infections and inflammations that should be taken care of.  The teeth and mouth contain some infections that can seep into the bloodstream. 

In addition, avoid prolonged sitting.

Sitting for long hours leads to blood clotting which prevents enough blood from getting to the heart. This causes spine problems, waist problems, joint problems and even obesity that can eventually lead to heart problems.