Try water birth - Midwife encourages expectant mothers

Try water birth - Midwife encourages expectant mothers
Source: Ghana||Edwin Appiah|
Date: 16-04-2014 Time: 10:04:06:am
Water birth is reputed to be the gentlest of gentle births.

Chief Executive Officer of Craddle Care Maternity Trust is encouraging women to try giving birth in water, reputed to be the "gentlest of gentle births".

Sarah Serwaa Major, a UK-trained midwife said she had her first child in a pool in her garden and would do it again if she wants another baby.

Touting the benefits on Joy FM's Ultimate Health program Tuesday, Sarah said water relaxes the mother's muscles and improves blood flow, allowing her to concentrate on the birth. Experts also say water may reduce vaginal tearing, thus helping the mother avoid an episiotomy or stitches.


Sarah who returned to Ghana to set up the first-ever water birth facility said, expectant mothers 36 weeks pregnant are assessed to ensure their pregnancy is low risk. Her pregnancy history will also be examined to determine if the pregnancy is uncomplicated.

If the pregnant mother qualifies, a midwife will begin to monitor her progress until she is eventually lowered into a pool of water with an appropriate temperature.

Unlike the hospital, an expectant mother can squat, kneel, sit and take different positions in the pool to give birth.


The baby is not to be touched while in water because, it could stimulate the baby to cry, allowing water to enter the baby. According to Sara, this can cause complications.

However, pregnant mothers expecting twins are not allowed to have water birth, she said.

"Having a baby should be a memorable experience" devoid of the pain associated with the traditional practice, Sarah noted. 

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