Deputy Minority Leader’s claims against me are false – Alhassan Andani

Deputy Minority Leader’s claims against me are false – Alhassan Andani
Date: 04-05-2014 Time: 05:05:50:am

The immediate past Board Chairman of SADA, Mr. Alhassan Andani, has refuted claims that he diverted SADA money to the AGAMS Group, the parent company of rlg Communications.

He said the allegations, made by Deputy Minority Leader, Dominic Nitiwul on Joy FM and MultiTV’s news analysis programme Newfile, were complete fabrications, designed to tarnish his reputation.

Mr. Nitiwul had claimed that the SADA Board Chairman also chaired an rlg Foundation and used his influence to skew SADA’s contracts in favour of AGAMS Groups – an allegation Mr. Andani completely rejected.

The Stanbic Bank Managing Director said there is no existing legal entity called rlg Foundation of which he is the Chairman.

What he chaired was a ‘Water for All Project’ launched by rlg, he said, but added that the company later changed its plans and decided to execute this project through Parliamentarians.

He insisted his involvement in this matter was only to the extent that he Chaired the launch of the project which did not even materialize.

It is therefore palpably false, he said, for anybody to argue that he chaired an rlg Foundation and lobbied investment into rlg’s parent company, AGAMS Group.

In any case, the SADA Board, Mr. Adani said was not involved in the award of contracts "so how can anybody say that I diverted contracts to AGAMS Group"?

Reacting to Dominic Nitiwul's claim that he influenced SADA's decision to lodge 74.5 million Ghana cedis in a call account at Stanbic Bank, Mr. Andani said the views were not well-informed.

He said the impression that as Board Chairman he was involved in the daily activities of SADA and had a carte blache to do as he pleased was wrong and unfortunate.

"If anything is decided at SADA Board, Andani does not have a veto; I was one out of eight non-executive directors of SADA," he explained.

He said he could therefore not be held personally responsible for all of SADA's decisions.

The respected banker expressed regret that there was too much misinformation and distortion about his role vis-a-vis the operations of SADA.

According to him, a false impression has been created that the Board virtually managed the agency, set up government to coordinate a development intiative to bridge the wealth gap between the northern and southern parts of the country.

He expressed concern that scurrilous attacks and scandalous allegations against him had been put in the media without recourse to his side of the story.


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