Accra Chiefs back Mayor’s slums demolition exercise

Accra Chiefs back Mayor’s slums demolition exercise
Source: Ghana |
Date: 10-09-2014 Time: 02:09:48:pm
Alfred Oko Vanderpuije

Chiefs from the Ngleshi Alata and Osu traditional councils have supported destruction of slums and illegal structures along beaches of the capital by the Accra Mayor.

Alfred Oko Vanderpuije on Wednesday took the chiefs and some Assembly members from the two traditional councils to Mensah Guinea, a slum in Accra which was recently razed by the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA).

The AMA razed Mensah Guinea last week as part of efforts to battle a raging cholera epidemic in the capital, and rid the city of slums that may heighten spread of the deadly Ebola in case of an outbreak in Ghana.

Gbese Mantse, Nii Ayi Bonte congratulated the AMA chief executive for standing his ground despite criticisms in his bid to pull down the unauthorised structures.

Nii Ayi Bonte expressed discontent with the insanitary conditions under which the Mensa Guinea residents had been living in, and further urged the Mayor to replicate the exercise at Old Fadama another slum in Accra.

Paramount Chief James Town, Nii Kojo Ababio V, urged his colleague chiefs to help the AMA to clear the city of filth and criminals.

Chief of Osu, Nii Okwey Kinkanwe Dowuona VI, whose jurisdiction the next demolition exercise will take place, appealed to the public and his subjects not to politicise AMA’s initiative.

“We support [the demolition exercise] one hundred percent because we need to take the bulls by the horns. Indiscipline is engulfing us”, said the Osu Chief, emphasising the need for such demolition exercises to pave way for development.

 “I think it is in the best interest of the state and the nation as a whole”, he observed.

The Accra Mayor said demolition of illegal structures will continue soon in Osu, indicating illegal structures along the Osu Castle, and Osu Klottey, all in Accra, have already been marked.