STAR Ghana Foundation holds private sector engagement

STAR Ghana Foundation holds private sector engagement
Source: Ghana| |Abubakar Ibrahim
Date: 22-11-2018 Time: 08:11:51:am
Ibrahim Tanko, Programmes Director of STAR-Ghana (middle), interacting with some officials

STAR Ghana Foundation has held an introduction forum to explore areas of shared interest with the private sector to achieve sustainable development in Ghana.

Formerly known as STAR-Ghana, the STAR Ghana Foundation builds on the successful STAR-Ghana programme, a multi-donor civil society initiative established in 2010.

Transitioning from STAR-Ghana to STAR Ghana Foundation, the Programmes Director of STAR Ghana Foundation, Amidu Ibrahim Tank, explained that “initially we were STAR Ghana as a programme.

“So, the programmes are set up by our donors to implement some projects on their behalf. Now we’re a foundation because we are no longer a programme owned by our donors. We are now a legally registered entity led and owned by Ghanaians.”

He said the focus of strengthening transparency accountability and responsiveness of the programme, however, remains the same for the foundation.

“Because we are building on the work that has already been done that is why we maintained the name STAR-Ghana. The focus is still the same. STAR-Ghana stands for Strengthening, Transparency, Accountability and Responsiveness in Ghana,” he said.

Although donor’ support for STAR-Ghana ends in 2010, the Foundation has put in place strategies to mobilize funding in order to be independent when donor support is over.

“We will no more be with major donors by 2020. We are therefore exploring the possibility of local fundraising but there may be private sector associations and organizations as well as individuals who will support. We will enter into social entrepreneurship but perhaps not directly”, Mr. Tanko said.

STAR Ghana Foundation has implemented and supported initiatives and strategies that help in accountability and transparency.

The Foundation has created an enabling environment for social enterprise and also supported the advocacy around the social enterprise policy.

Over the period, the STAR Ghana Foundation has managed programmes worth $70 million, supported over 200 partner organizations and contributed in-depth knowledge, technical expertise and experience to complex challenges.

The Foundation is currently working to tackle corruption in the delivery of public services and supply chains and has supported over one-hundred projects and initiatives that contributed to achieving peaceful and credible presidential and parliamentary elections in Ghana in 2012 and 2016.

Mr. Tanko, therefore, urged the private sector to partner with STAR-Ghana’s development through corporate citizenship and social responsibility commitments.

“All of us including the private sector, civil society, labour unions, NGOs and individuals, must come together in an alliance for progress,” he added.