Bring back Katanga hall; Police arrest 2 agitating students

Bring back Katanga hall; Police arrest 2 agitating students
Source: Ghana | | Akyena Brantuo |
Date: 06-09-2019 Time: 11:09:31:am
Some protesting students

Police in the Ashanti region have arrested two persons for agitating on the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) campus for the return of University Hall, Katanga, to an all-male hall. 

The two are part of the 2017 year group of KNUST alumni.

According to the Ashanti regional police they are being processed for court.

About five military/police patrol vehicles are currently patrolling the campus as first-year students arrive on campus to begin their registration process.

The arrest follows fresh agitation on Thursday on campus which authorities say threatened the peace and security of the university community, Luv FM’s Erastus Asare Donkor has reported.

It is feared if the latest agitation is not halted it may develop into a series of violent protestation as it did last year. 

Last year, the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology was closed down indefinitely, following violent protests


The decision was taken after a meeting between school authorities and the Ashanti Regional Security Council (REGSEC).

The Registrar of the University has called for calm on the university campus.

In a statement published Thursday, the registrar said the University is not insensitive to concerns which have been raised by stakeholders of the University concerning the conversions.

The Registrar assured the university community as well as the general public that, the Chancellor is currently studying a committee report on the development. 

According to him the finding of the said report will be implemented in full.

Statement from concerned Katangees

Meanwhile “Concerned Katangees of the University Hall (Katanga), KNUST has condemned the arrest of the two describing it as shameful, cowardly and crude. 

The group also called for the immediate release of the two. 

Shame on the Ashanti Regional Security Council - Concerned Katangees

The attention of the Concerned Katangees of the University Hall (Katanga), KNUST has been drawn to the arrest of five students of the University Hall by the Police in Kumasi for "illegal gathering" at Maxima, about 3 kilometers away from the school premises which has been declared a security zone.

We view the arrest as a shameful, cowardly and crude way by the Ashanti Regional Security Council chaired by Hon. Simon Osei Mensah to stifle the freedom of students of the University Hall, to advance its selfish agenda of taking away the freedom of speech, of movement and the right to dissent from harmless adults.

We demand the immediate release of the said students and warn that Katanga would not countenance any unconstitutional and arbitrary show of power by the REGSEC and the university's management as they have teamed up to further their populist quest at courting cheap public sympathy over their poor showing in the management of the school and security in the region.

The needless attack by the police unleashed by the Ashanti Regional Minister on unarmed students who had met for a fraternal engagement, was despicable, senseless and must be condemned by all.

We wish to serve notice that, Katanga shall not bow to any form of intimidation by the REGSEC as we patiently await the recommendations by the Chancellor's Committee.

We further reiterate that, much as we resolve to stand up to any form of oppression, the Concerned Katangees of the University Hall will not engage in or encourage any form of aggression towards established authority, but would continue to advance our course through dialogue and advocacy.


Nana Kwadwo Minta

Augustine Tizo

Anthony Avege

Collins Kankam Kwarteng

Nana Adjei