My Musing: The Character of Champions

My Musing: The Character of Champions
Source: Ghana| Paa Kwesi Williams |
Date: 28-11-2016 Time: 12:11:27:pm

Writing is not an easy thing to do. Whoever thought it was, does not dabble in the literary world. Even on days when I’m inspired by an event during the week, it still isn’t – finding the right words to string together coherently to accurately convey the central theme could be quite daunting.

On days when I’m not inspired, it’s one helluva episode. I pace up and down my room, and then say a word of prayer. If nothing pops up in my mind, I pace up and down some more. I take a walk along a section of the busy streets of Dansoman. If there’s still nothing after doing these, I go through my archives and share something from the past. So when you receive my musing on a Monday morning instead of a Sunday evening, kindly note that this is what accounts for that.

I don’t have to necessarily worry myself if I have nothing to share, do I? I thought I didn't until I was party to a conversation with a friend of mine some time ago. He asked: “Do you remember you were sharing ‘My Musings’ once a month just last year and the year before that? You had, even when you had saddled yourself with other equally important engagements, managed to share them weekly this year? My brother, that is the convention now – weekly, and anything short of that means you have failed to live up to expectation!” “Is that what you want?”, he ended rhetorically.

I thought of that conversation earlier this week and I realized consistency is one attribute every champion must possess. In fact, one can’t be called a champion if he/she isn’t consistent with whatever thing he does.

What makes one a champion, really? It is the repeated success chalked in that which he engages in. It is one virtue Bishop T. D. Jakes spoke about in his teaching The Character of Champions (please listen to it when you have the time).

It is the search of consistency in becoming a champion that drives some sportsmen to spend some more hours on the training pitch after everyone has left, perfecting their crafts with bruises on their toes and painful aches in their muscles.

It is this that drives some musicians to stay long hours in the studio trying to put out a song after song that make you go gaga when you hear them being played.

It is what makes some students stay long after prep hours are over and also wake up earlier than 'normal’ to study some more. It is what sets them apart from other students.

So it came as no surprise to me when playwright Chief Moomen intimated that behind every scene (or so) of his industry acclaimed Heritage Africa Series lies many hours of research of the relevant historical materials.

It is what made a friend of mine, Lewis Maxwell Selby respond 'Amazing' to one of my posts earlier this year. I’m not a champion yet though. I still have a long way to go to attain that status.

So what is it that you do, dear reader? Are you successful at it? Are you consistent with its performance? Have you created a convention with its consistency that many people look up to you for it? Are you a champion at it yet?

You know my name already, and I will be consistent with My Musings until I am a champion. You too do same and let's celebrate each other someday.

Have a wonderful and fruitful week.

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