Tribute: Prof S. A. Obed is no more

Tribute: Prof S. A. Obed is no more
Source: Ghana|Winifred Opoku-Baffour|
Date: 03-08-2017 Time: 09:08:41:am

I met him for the first time in December 2011. I already knew I was pregnant. All the tests that had been done had indicated so.

Every woman's first pregnancy is a joy...the news of it brings only smiles on her husband's faces but this pain I was experiencing was too much.

It was so unbearable at times that all I could do was scream and when I could help it, shout the name of Jesus.

He came recommended by an uncle and family friend, Dr Albert Paintsil.

Prof S.A Obed...

He calmly listened to my history, narrated by my mum as I was in too much pain to talk. Prof looked at my face and his first question was a surprise.  He asked "Are you a praying Christian who has faith?" I nodded in the affirmative and he said "then this baby will survive ".

This was new. Every where I had been, doctors and nurses alike had predicted doom for the pregnancy. Some were even bold enough to recommend I get rid of the pregnancy.

But not Prof Obed. This marked the beginning of a relationship that spanned five years.

Prof S.A Obed, because you believed and encouraged me, I got strengthened to fight on. 6 months later, my daughter was born.

The birth of my second child was another warfare. Four months on admission at Korle- Bu Teaching Hospital with me being wheel chair bound most of the time.

Constantly, in your usual calm way, you would encourage my mum and I. In Fante,  you would always tell us that all will be well. “Nyame b3 y3”

There were days, the look on your face after looking at a scan result would frighten me but your words encouraged me.

When I was informed of your passing, I wept uncontrollably . When I went to Korle-Bu to sign the book of condolence, I wept. I cry whenever I remember you are no more.

Ghana needs more 'Obs and gynaes' like you.

I met a couple of ladies at Korle-Bu who shared their stories of how you helped them become proud mothers when all odds were against them.

From those who could not afford to the very rich.  You never discriminated.

I remember when at 18 weeks pregnant with my second child and bleeding, I was rushed to Korle-Bu and the doctors wanted to induce labour because the scan results indicated a cerclage failure. Louisa, (who was also a patient of Prof's ) advised me to make a phone call to inform you of their decision.

That phone call turned things around. Upon your instructions, a second physical examination was done by a senior doctor and the labour induction plan, aborted.

Today, I look at my children  and I bless God for you.

Thank you Prof Obed.

Thank you for patiently availing yourself for God to use you to bless women like me.

My family and I will always remember you fondly.

You should have tarried longer on this earth to help care for many more women.

PROF SAMUEL AMENYI OBED. On 05.08.2017, many people will be at the Calvary Methodist Church, Adabraka at 8:00am to bid you a final farewell. I will be one of them.

Fare thee well Prof...

Louisa and I will miss you. In fact, we already do.

God be with you. ..