Carl Eli Pomeyie…a father at home and at work

Carl Eli Pomeyie…a father at home and at work
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Date: 19-06-2017 Time: 12:06:28:pm
Carl Eli Pomeyie

He dons an unassuming personality but draw closer to him and you will immediately unravel a man full of discipline, life and energy.

Around Tigo’s flagship Barnes Road office, the ever-serious looking Carl Eli Pomeyie, whom you least expect to ooze any emotion is a perfect example of a father figure. He may be young in age but he surely knows a thing or two about identity as a father and being present in the lives of his kids and the Tigo cash team. 

Carl is your quintessential disciplinarian, a trait he acquired as a result of being the son of a Teacher. Growing up from a humble background, he saw other kids playing football and other outdoor games after school. He on the other hand was saddled with homework and chores at home. 

Growing up in a small nuclear family with his parents and other siblings exposed him to lessons of love, responsibility and hard work. He intimates that these traits actually got him to appreciate what a family is and influenced his life as a young father both at home and the work place; where he works towards ensuring an atmosphere of peace, care and love.

Today, Carl is the Head of Tigo Cash, the mobile financial arm of Tigo. On a day-to-day routine, he manages a team tailoring mobile financial services to the unbanked and advocating for financial inclusion. On a normal working day, his job presents him with herculean chores and for many in his position; as father and employee remains demanding and daunting undertaking.

The Influence of a father

Fathers wield so much influence and sometimes the impressions they leave in the home either with their presence or absence is evidently clear. Growing up, Carl says was greatly influenced by his father and as a young father currently, he holds dear some of the values he saw his father exhibit.  “My father was a disciplinarian and one of the core values that he taught us was truthfulness and being frank no matter what the situation is. Those are the core values that have guided me through the years as a family man and a team leader.”

The joy of fatherhood 

Apart from the joy of seeing his own kids running around and calling him daddy. Fatherhood to him involves dedicating a lot of time, listening more, being open and transparent. These he says, makes great fathers. It is the feeling and fulfillment he finds in people being able to walk to him to share some of their personal and professional issues and give them counsel - sometimes career wise.

Carl explains that there’s fulfillment in not just being able to create life but helping to nurture that life. “I don’t only help my boy with his homework. At work, I help others with their professional and personal issues at the workplace. It is one of my fulfilling pastimes as a father.”

The father who wears two hats

The young and doting father of two boys; 9 years and 18 months respectively may be super busy on a normal working day but is a prime example that even busy fathers can be present in the lives of their kids. At home, he tries as much as possible to be present in the life of his family especially his boys. He takes time off for trips, birthdays, and family bonding on weekends. Observing him at the work place, one sees this experience played out time and time again, where those who work closely with him have come to regard him as a father figure.

“I try to give much time to my family notwithstanding whatever happens at the workplace. I try to draw a balance.”

He reckons that fatherhood has been his most life-changing role yet but determined to give his children, colleagues and subordinates the perfect leadership, he often goes the extra mile. For Carl, fatherhood didn’t come with a manual and sometimes gets messy. At home and the work place, he focuses on delivering the valuable gift of being there for all and providing an assured presence as a leader.

“That is the real work for fathers – creating the enabling environment for others to excel and be the best that they can be. It often involves making time and giving a listening ear even when you don’t want to, teaching others how to handle a situation, or even instructing them by sharing personal stories in order to shape their ideas of the world.”

He notes that as a young father and team lead, there are days you have the feeling that you have bitten more than you can chew and dabble with the thought of being single. “But we all need to be responsible for something at some point and I try to accept that as my challenge and give the required leadership when it matters”.

Notwithstanding the peculiar challenges, becoming a father has had tremendous impact on his life and given him enormous perspectives for his role as Head of Tigo cash, where he has been able to stimulate support and ensured a vibrant outlook. For him, the presence and impact of fathers wherever and whenever is crucial. 

“Being one is a huge responsibility, but it remains one of the most rewarding undertakings a man can take on. On a normal day, I don’t only have to think about my family but also on how to manage and get the best out of my team.

On Father’s Day, Carl spent the day with his family; they attended church and had joined others for a buffet lunch at Novotel. He is back at work and is remains committed to expanding the frontiers for financial inclusion.