Samson’s Take: Permit to demonstrate, not in Ghana

Samson’s Take: Permit to demonstrate, not in Ghana
Source: Samson Lardy Anyenini
Date: 10-08-2019 Time: 02:08:00:pm

Earlier on the 16th of February, I wrote and gave education on this subject. But it needs repeating for emphasis seeing some police officers can’t seem to appreciate the laws governing the exercise of a fundamental human rights of citizens in a democracy as Ghana.

The police chiefs in Takoradi who wrote in reply of the notice by the women who intended to embark on a march to register their displeasure with the handling of the missing girls there were wrong in their approach.

The law does not say citizens must obtain permission but serve NOTICE. Grab that! It is a law written in basic English in a deliberate choice of words and expressions.

Yes, cooperation is useful for mutuality where there is a reasonable basis for same. But if you agree with them not to proceed on your demonstration because of the reasons they give, that's not they stopping you.

They can only STOP you by a COURT ORDER to be sought on notice to you (leaders of the intended demonstration) and not by ex parte motion as they used to do. The application to injunct a protest must go to High Court and not lower courts as they did previously.

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