Edwinology’s Lab: Commission of Inquiry, healing over-aged players with under-aged medicine

Edwinology’s Lab: Commission of Inquiry, healing over-aged players with under-aged medicine
Source: Ghana|myjoyonline.com|edwin.appiah@myjoyonline.com
Date: 08-02-2019 Time: 09:02:28:am

When the NDC government from Mills administration failed to deal with political vigilantism, they created NPP political vigilantism.

And if the NPP fails to address its vigilantes, the people will create a people’s vigilantism to keep the NPP and NDC out of power.

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They will create Ghana’s first authentic third force - a political alternative. It sounds laughable until this alternative actually gets the last laugh.

The NPP is not really a trusted government. Ask the 110 ministers. It is Akufo-Addo who is a trusted President. That was what Lawyer Sam Okudzeto meant when he said on Joy News, “If Akufo-Addo fails, we are finished.”

And on security he has failed. It is no longer a subject of denial, debate or doubt.

The man who has been credited with fighting for a democracy now has men fighting to debit that democracy.

In the matter of vigilantism, the President has become a spectator. He watches, he shouts, he condemns.

In a presidential system of government, where the president’s powers is unsurpassed and unrestrained, his posture is virtue for public servants

No one learns his attitude faster than the Ghana Police Service for the officers find great wisdom in being spectators when party boys go on rampage.

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The Ghana Police Service doesn’t hear anything or see anything when it comes to vigilantism.

The Ghana Police Service is institutionalised cowardice where professional bravery amounts to personal folly.

E-Lab has heard of the Commission of Inquiry to look into the political thuggery. Good. The problem with Commissions of Inquiry is the commitment to truly inquire.

And much later, the commitment of the commissioning authority to do what it will be required.

We can understand why government would set up this commission. It is the safest way to solve the problem. Which means, the problem will not be solved.

Take the problem of foreigners doing retail trade in Ghana. When the deadline issued by the Trade ministry to such illegal operators elapsed, the ministry decided, to use democracy by talking to the illegal operators.

Some committee would be set up or some group would be charged to “educate” the illegal operators about the law and politely ask them to stop.

The deadline is truly dead.

Take the problem of filth. We want to make Accra the cleanest city by taking the cleanest approach of talking to citizens to be clean.

We have waged sensitization campaigns to get people to come to their senses and do media educations to get fully-functioning brains to see the great error in putting litter in a gutter.

The deadline to make Accra clean is truly dead.

Examples abound but E-Lab is tired.

We have forcefully educated people about laws and we have forcefully talked about being forceful with offenders. The only thing we have not being forceful is enforcing the law.

Because the law hurts and harms we have said folding our arms is the best arm against systematic law-breakers and law-breaking. Government has always played it safe.

We have resorted to using in a sense, democratic tools to solve non-democratic problems.

Like footballers who can’t solve a knee problem because the medical staff are using methods fit for 22-year-old players on a player with an undisclosed age of 47.

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And this is the problem of our democracy. It is over-democratized. Impunity also has a say and it also has a vote. So nothing happens to anybody anymore.

Of course except the poor and the lawyerless and the fool.