Conflict of interest; a development killer 

Conflict of interest; a development killer 
Source: Ghana | A Better  You | Rita Ohenewaa | | Whatsapp  0296464118
Date: 12-09-2019 Time: 08:09:51:am
Suspended Chief Executive Officer of the Public  Procurement  Authority(PPA), Mr. Agyenim  Boateng  Adjei

Last month, President Nana Addo  Dankwah  Akufo- Addo suspended the Chief Executive Officer of the Public  Procurement  Authority(PPA), Mr. Agyenim  Boateng  Adjei, following an allegation of conflict of interest against him. 

The allegation was made by the renowned journalist,  Mr. Manasseh Azure  Awuni, a freelance journalist, in his documentary titled ' Contract for sale.'

The president has directed the  Commission On Human Rights And Administrative  Justice and the Office of Special Prosecutor to probe the allegation against Mr. Adjei. 

Corruption is nothing new in Ghana, even a day old baby is not ignorant of it.          
Unfortunately, not much attention has been given to corruption involving conflict of interest because it is seen as normal and OK. 

Conflict of interest situations abounds in every facet of our lives. 

People join political parties for their personal interest, not serving the people.                    

Little wonder then that when elected they just conform to the status quo. 

This goes beyond politics.      

Marriages are threatened because spouses are self-centered. The focus is on individual happiness. 

The parties to the marriage forget they are not single anymore.    

In another illustration teachers intentionally fail to teach during normal school hours to enable them to organise extra classes at a fee for their student. 

This is not all, workers use official hours to engage in private business. 

Even in the church, men of God aim for fame by what they do. 

Our personal interest is always conflicting with the public, official or interest of others. 

When we prefer our personal interest over those of others we threaten the survival of the general good.

Philippians 2:3 admonishes Christians to 'let nothing be done through selfish ambition '. 

Verse 4 adds' Let each of you look out not only for his own interests but also for the interest of others '.