Phillip Addison sues NPP; demands fresh elections

Phillip Addison sues NPP; demands fresh elections
Source: Ghana |
Date: 17-11-2015 Time: 11:11:40:am

Counsel for the petitioners in the 2013 Presidential petition, Phillip Addison, has sued the NPP at the High Court, demanding annulment of Korle Klottey parliamentary primarY results.

Mr. Addison and another, Nii Adjei Tawiah say the elections on August 2 which was won by Valentino Nii Noi were illegal.

According to them, more than half of the delegates were disenfranchised, and that the organisation of the elections was in violation of the tenets of democratic principles that are supposed to govern the elections.

They also claim there was no accreditation and that the register that was used was not certified.

The election they say violated article 55 of the New Patriotic Party''s constitution.  

The petitioners are asking the court to declare that the election was an illegality.

The complainants in their suit also argue that :

1.There was no accreditation for the purported election on August, 2, 2015.

2.  The voters register used for the conduct of the purported elections on August, 2, 2015, was not the one certified by the Korle Klottey Parliamentary Elections Committee for the conduct of the elections

3. The rules and regulations required the Parliamentary Elections Committee to receive and keep the constituency register until same is submitted to the Electoral Commission. The duly certified register was inspected by all the aspirants and same was kept by the Parliamentary Elections Committee Secretary.

4. This was never made available to the Electoral Commission because the 2nd day of August , 2015, was not the agreed date for the conduct of the polls.

5.  The persons who organised the elections on 2nd August, 2015, procured a totally different voters register for use on that day. This infraction gave opportunity for persons whose names were not on the duly certified voters register, to cast their ballots on 2nd August, 2015.

6. The constituency parliamentary Elections Committee before the holding of Parliamentary primaries, had the duty of displaying the register to aspirants as a fee, in order to ensure a level playing field to aspirants in the parliamentary contest and announcing the dates for elections. This was not done.

7. The date of 8th August, 2015 was not fixed for the Klottey Korle primaries was agreed upon by the PEC together with the Regional Executive Committee, the constituency chairperson and all the aspirants. Nowhere in the rules and regulations governing the conduct of the parliamentary primaries is the General Secretary of 1st defendant empowered to, suo motu. Fix dates for the election of a parliamentary candidate.