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Burkina Faso President Compaore resigns
The president of Burkina Faso has stepped down after days of protests demanding his resignation. The demonstrators had been angered by Blaise Compaore's plan to run for a fifth term in office.

Jerusalem holy site reopens amid growing tensions
As pressure grows beween Israel and Palestine, a contested holy site for both Muslims and Jews has reopened. The compound was closed after clashes over the fatal shooting of a Palestinian.

Radio France's Maison de la Radio ablaze in Paris
Smoke was seen billowing from Maison de la Radio in Paris, the home to Radio France, after a fire broke out on the seventh floor forcing the buiding's evacuation. One employee said "no fire alarm was sounded."

Poroshenko’s bloc to support Arseniy Yatsenyuk as PM
Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko has backed Arseny Yatsenyuk for a new term as prime minister. Meanwhile, pro-Russia separatists in eastern Ukraine are set to hold their own elections.

Lawsuit filed in Malaysia over missing flight MH370
The family of a businessman who was a passenger on missing flight MH370 has sued the Malaysian government and Malaysia Airlines for damages. The flight disappeared from the radar in early March.

'IS' fighter testifies in Frankfurt - 'I still want to die a martyr'
Kreshnik B. is the first 'Islamic State' fighter to stand trial in a German court. He wants to testify and is hoping for a lenient sentence. But in Frankfurt's Higher Regional Court, he talked his way into trouble.

Hungarian Prime Minister Orban scraps planned Internet tax
The Hungarian prime minister has announced that his government is scrapping a plan to introduce a tax on the use of the Internet. The move comes in the face of mass street demonstrations against the plan.

Chambas:'do everything to help Burkina Faso'
Protests resumed in Ouagadougou, capital of Burkina Faso, on Friday with demonstrators demanding President Blaise Compaore step down. The UN special envoy spoke about the situation in an exclusive DW interview.

EU acts on 'excessive Russian import duties'
The European Union has launched a trade dispute at the Worth Trade Organization to challenge what it feels are Russia's unjustified tariffs on many imports from the bloc. Brussels said Moscow did not stick to WTO rules.

Republican win would worsen Obama's foreign policy pains
A possible Republican majority in the US Senate in the upcoming midterm elections would not only give the party full control of Congress, it could also complicate Obama’s foreign policy - with one noteworthy exception.

Divided over fracking
Fracking could prolong Germany's supply of fossil fuels and make the country less dependent on imports, says the gas industry. But experts argue over whether it's worth the risk to people's health and the environment.

The latest Bundesliga trend: the aging, third-choice goalkeeper
Some Bundesliga teams have taken to signing older goalkeepers as their third, emergency option. This is just the latest development for the men between the posts, a spot that seems to be dominated by trends anyway.

New Los Angeles soccer team planned for MLS
A new club has been granted entry to the US professional soccer league, the MLS. The team, which is currently known as Los Angeles Football Club, is owned by some high-profile names and will begin operations in 2017.


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