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Afghanistan, US sign long-awaited bilateral security deal
Afghanistan has signed a long-awaited deal with the US and NATO to extend a non-combat military presence. The pact is aimed at strengthening Afghan security forces while they work to stave off the Taliban.

Neither side backing down as Hong Kong protests continue
Hong Kong's leader has said the government will not back down in the face of pro-democracy street demonstrations. Organizers have pledged to step up their protests unless their demands are met.

Turkey considers deploying troops to Syria
This week, the Turkish government intends to introduce legislation in parliament that would allow a possible deployment of the army in neighboring Syria. The step represents a U-turn in Ankara - and it has Kurds worried.

EU's Russia sanctions over Ukraine to remain in place
EU diplomats have decided to keep in place a tough package of sanctions against Russia, over its actions in eastern Ukraine and support of rebels there. A peace plan had not yet been fully implemented, they said.

Iran announces 'military grant' for Lebanon
Iran has announced it will provide Shiite-ally Lebanon with military aid. Sunni extremists from Syria recently launched a large-scale incursion on a Lebanese border town, raising fears of what the future may hold.

US recruits join foreign forces to find acceptance
Young Americans are opting out of the US military and joining foreign forces. The Israeli army recruited over 100 Americans during the war against Hamas, while others are being lured to join extremist groups.

Catalonia halts publicity campaign for independence vote
Catalonia's regional authorities have halted the publicity campaign for an upcoming independence referendum. The move comes a day after Spain's Constitutional Court suspended the vote.

German foreign ministers remember GDR refugee crisis in Prague
A former foreign minister of West Germany has met with 1989's East German refugees in Prague; and commemorated events that led to communism's collapse in Eastern Europe.

After abuses, German state reforms security measures at refugee facilities
The German state of North Rhine Westphalia has introduced new measures to improve security services in refugee housing. Earlier this week, allegations emerged that guards at one facility had abused several residents.

Ebola crisis: Is the world up to the challenge?
As the US and the world step up their efforts against the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, the institutions and practices they rely on are being called into question.

'Germany is fighting at a lower weight'
US Congressman Charlie Dent talks to DW about Germany's security commitments, after Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen admitted that the country would fail to meet its long-term NATO commitments.

Lufthansa pilots ground long-haul flights
Passengers seeking to fly with Lufthansa have been facing only limited disruptions as the German airline's pilots have resumed industrial action. Their fifth walkout this year is primarily affecting Frankfurt Airport.


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