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Final day of Iran nuclear talks in Lausanne
The foreign ministers of Iran, the US, Britain, China, France and Germany are hoping to reach a framework nuclear deal with Tehran. The deadline ends at midnight on March 31.

Nigerian election too close to call with 18 states still to report
Counting will resume for Nigeria's election with the two main presidential candidates in close contention. The US and Britain have expressed concern over possible political interference in the tally.

Pilots' union Cockpit wary of changing doctors' rules in wake of Germanwings crash
A German pilots' trade union has warned against changing confidentiality rules for doctors, saying such a change might stop pilots from seeking medical assistance, and could prevent doctors from "offering real help."

Greece seeking 'honest compromise' in dealings with creditors
Greece's prime minister has spoken in parliament, saying the country needed a new debt restructuring deal. The IMF and EU are studying a list of reforms proposed by Athens in a bid to obtain a multi-billion euro loan.

Solar Impulse solar-powered aircraft lands in China after 20-hour flight from Myanmar
On the latest stage of its record-breaking, round the world journey the solar-powered Solar Impulse 2 aircraft has landed in China. The flight from Myanmar took 20-and-a-half hours.

Uganda prosecutor in 2010 al-Shabab bombings case shot dead
The chief prosecutor in the trial of the 2010 al-Shabab bombings in Uganda has been shot dead. Joan Kagezi was attacked as she drove home.

Airstrikes hit refugee camp in northern Yemen
An airstrike in the northwest of Yemen has killed at least 40 people in a camp for displaced people, and injuring many more. A Saudi-led coalition has been pounding Shiite Houthi rebels positions for days.

Dutch prosecutors seek witnesses of missile that likely downed MH17
Prosecutors investigating the downing of a Malaysia Airlines plane in July are seeking witnesses who may have seen a missile being fired at the jet. Flight MH17 crashed in eastern Ukraine, killing all onboard.

Oscar-nominated Bavarian director Helmut Dietl dies at 70
Acclaimed German film director Helmut Dietl has died at the age of 70, less than 18 months after publicly announcing his lung cancer. He won multiple awards in Germany, and was once nominated for an Oscar.

US media: police investigating deadly shooting at NSA HQ
Police outside of Washington, D.C. have launched an investigation into a car crash at the NSA campus. At least one person was killed, with authorities investigating a shooting at the site.

Two ex-US agents charged with bitcoin theft
Two former US federal agents stand accused of having stolen large amount of bitcoins. Justice Department officials said the theft occurred during investigations into the Silk Road online underground marketplace.

'A secure Iraq won't come from a military solution'
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has called for assistance to help more than 2.5 million Iraqis displaced by violence. Renad Mansour says the solution to Iraq's woes must involve strong political leadership.

Germans want fewer cars in built-up areas, more public transport
The results of Germany's biennial environment survey have been released. It found that the vast majority of Germans want town planners to shift their focus from private car transport to more eco-friendly options.


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