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US joins EU in imposing broader sanctions on Russia
Russia has now been slapped with additional sanctions by the United States. The world power joins the EU in levying harsher bans which target Russia’s energy, arms and finance sectors.

Israel pounds Gaza, truce appears remote
An Israeli-Gazan ceasefire seems remote after Israel's heaviest bombardment in a three-week war and Hamas' rejection of the truce call. Shelling has wrecked the enclave's sole power plant. Medics reported 109 more dead.

Aviation industry seeks more data on conflict zones
The UN's aviation body and industry officials have agreed on the need for better communication when plotting flight paths over sensitive regions. The Montreal emergency summit was prompted by the MH17 crash in Ukraine.

Ebola medical 'hero' dies in Sierra Leone
A senior Sierra Leone doctor who led the fight against Ebola has died. Sheik Umar Khan had contracted the virus while treating more than 100 patients. Ebola's spread in western Africa is the largest ever.

Libya says Italy to help fight depot blaze
Libya says seven fire-fighting planes are being sent by Italy and the Italian energy giant ENI to douse the inferno at a Tripoli oil depot. Fighting between militias nearby has prompted more residents to flee.

Last-ditch New York talks on Argentina debt
Economy Minister Axel Kicillof has flown into New York seeking to reach a deal with hedge fund creditors and avert an Argentine debt default. His arrival coincided with a last-minute cause for optimism in Buenos Aires.

Clashes leave 'dozens' dead in China's western Xinjiang region
Dozens of people have been killed and more injured in fatal clashes between police and an armed mob in China's Xinjiang region. Local police said the attack was premeditated.

Moody's downgrades Deutsche Bank as lender's net profit falls
Ratings agency Moody's has slashed the credit rating of Germany's biggest lender. It said it wasn't convinced Deutsche Bank would return to higher profits, as expressed in the bank's latest earnings report.

German bond yields fall as investors flock to safe havens over Russia
Germany's borrowing costs have fallen to a record low on an EU decision to impose new sanctions against Russia. While investors flee to the safe haven of German debt, they are selling shares in firms exposed to Russia.

Mars rover Opportunity makes travel history
NASA's Opportunity rover has driven 25 miles on the surface of Mars. In doing so, it has traveled farther on the surface of another planet than any man-made vehicle before it.

'Many Americans see Israel as the holy land'
In Europe, criticism of Israel's actions in Gaza is slowly picking up steam. In the US, however, public opinion is still very much pro-Israel. DW talked to former Ambassador Stuart Eizenstat about the sentiment there.

German opposition slams Maas' Snowden comments
NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has been living in Russia for nearly one year. Now German Justice Minister Heiko Maas has suggested he go back to the US, sparking outrage among left-wing politicians.

West watches as Libya burns
A giant fuel depot is burning in Tripoli. Western countries have evacuated their embassies and are getting their citizens out of the country. The international community seems helpless in the face of a looming civil war.

'Compelling evidence' for Kosovo Liberation Army crimes
The EU's Special Investigative Task Force said it has evidence to file an indictment against former senior officials of the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army. They are accused of violating international humanitarian law.

Ghana's Takoradi and its uneasy affair with oil
When the oil began to gush, Ghana was determined to avoid the 'resource curse.' But the prosperity many had hoped for in the coastal city of Sekondi-Takoradi has so far trickled down to just a tiny minority.

Famine looming in South Sudan
The UN is warning of a famine in war-torn South Sudan where more than a million people have been displaced. Many can no longer work in the fields in a country where 95 percent of the population depends on farming.

Analyst: Outcome of probe into Zhou Yongkang 'already decided'
Former security chief Zhou Yongkang is under investigation for "serious disciplinary violations," a move that will likely pave the way for the prosecution of the high-ranking official, analyst Robert Daly tells DW.

Taliban 'gaining ground' as Afghan audit drags on
While Kabul is in the midst of an election audit, the Taliban are making territorial gains elsewhere in Afghanistan. While of lesser strategic value, these gains are of symbolic importance, says ICG analyst Graeme Smith.


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