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Six Ukrainian armored vehicles seized in Kramatorsk, Kyiv says
According to Ukraine's defense ministry, six armored vehicles were taken by pro-Russian militants in Kramatorsk in eastern Ukraine. There are also reports of defections to the separatists' side.

Adverse weather threatens day two of South Korean ferry rescue efforts
South Korean coastguards and navy divers are scrambling to search for nearly 280 people missing after a ferry's sudden capsize. Forecasts of rain, strong winds and fog could hamper their race to locate any survivors.

Egypt jails more than 100 Muslim Brotherhood supporters
Legal sources in Egypt say a court in Cairo has jailed at least 119 members of the Muslim Brotherhood. The group was convicted in relation to violence after the overthrow of Mohammed Morsi.

Pakistani Taliban end truce with government but vow to continue peace talks
The Pakistani Taliban have refused to extend a ceasefire with the government, introduced to help peace negotations. However they insist talks will continue.

Jordan destroys vehicles crossing over from Syria, Amman says
Jordan's army and state television say warplanes have destroyed a number of vehicles crossing over the border from Syria. Arms smuggling across the border has risen sharply over the past year, according to Amman.

Ex-chairman of UK's Co-op Bank charged with drug possession
Paul Flowers, the former head of Britain's Co-op Bank, has been charged with drug offenses. He resigned last year after a paper published footage of him allegedly buying drugs.

Mt. Gox gives up plans to rebuild under bankruptcy protection
Defunct bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox has decided not to seek a new lease on life. It said it had given up all hope of resurrection under bankruptcy protection, with the bulk of the stolen coins still unaccounted for.

EU to slash plastic bag use by 80 percent by 2019
The European Parliament has passed a directive aimed at cutting the use of thin, single-use plastic bags by 80 percent by 2019. Roughly eight billion of these bags end up as litter each year, polluting the environment.

Nürburgring fallout: former state finance minister Deubel jailed
Ingolf Deubel has received a three-and-a-half-year jail sentence for his role in the failed plan to expand and partly privatize the Nürburgring. The circuit is now in private hands, after an insolvency-driven firesale.

Bayern cruise past Kaiserslautern into German Cup final
Bayern Munich made short work of a vigorous but thoroughly outclassed Kaiserslautern in their German Cup semi-final. The Bavarians trounced the Red Devils 5-1 at home, setting up a final against Borussia Dortmund.

Four-way talks on Ukraine's multiple identity
Talks between Ukraine, Russia, the EU and the US in Geneva are set to deescalate the crisis in Ukraine. But it seems unlikely that international diplomacy will resolve questions over Ukraine's national identity.

Media bias a problem in Ukraine reporting
One-sided? Superficial? Russia sympathizers and Russia critics report on Ukraine in the German media - and about the difficulty of remaining neutral in reporting.

Ambassador: 'Evidence of Russian involvement'
The military operation in eastern Ukraine is directed against terrorists, not protesters, says Ukraine's Ambassador to Germany, Pavlo Klimkin. He says they will not affect planned talks in Geneva.

Putin's Plan "F" for Ukraine
Pro-Russian activists in eastern Ukraine are demanding federalization. Moscow argues the move would unite Ukraine. The government in Kyiv fears the opposite would be the case.

Germany's arms exports turn into gamesmanship
German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel defied Angela Merkel by refusing to sanction the sale of battle tanks to Saudi Arabia. But this a just a minor corrective for one of the world's major arms exporters.

Breivik victims oppose national memorial
A planned national memorial to the victims of Norwegian extreme-right mass killer Anders Behring Breivik has met opposition from many locals and some of the victims' relatives.

Activists target Algeria's 'farcical' elections
Algeria has not seen the same revolutionary sentiment as other authoritarian regimes in the region, but the farcical nature of upcoming presidential elections have engendered discontent.

Can the Taliban make a comeback?
Experts believe only a very small number of Afghans support Taliban ideology. If the insurgent group wants to truly integrate into Afghan society, it should change its politics.

German consumers 'have a responsibility'
To mark the first anniversary of the collapse of Rana Plaza, a factory building in Dhaka, on April 24 last year, two women from Bangladesh are visiting Germany to appeal for compensation for the victims.

Pakistani policewoman offers protection and understanding
A police station run by women in Pakistan is filling an important role in a society dominated by men. Chief Bushra Batool says it's become a place of last resort for the desperate.

Lifelong learning for kids in rural Nigeria
Simon in Nigeria built a library at a local school to give the kids from rural farming families a brighter future. Now he's making sure the library is put to good use - which isn't as easy as it sounds.


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