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EU foreign ministers agree to extend Russia sanctions over Ukraine
European Union foreign ministers meeting in Brussels have agreed to impose new sanctions over Russia's alleged involvement in the Ukraine conflict. This will see an already existing "blacklist" of individuals expanded.

Militant attacks in Egypt's Sinai kill dozens
More than 20 people, including civilians, have been killed in militant attacks on Egypt's Sinai Peninsula. The death toll is expected to rise.

EU parliament president 'expects clashes' but no 'rash decisions' from Greece
EU parliament President Martin Schulz has said he expects clashes with Athens over how to lighten the country's bailout. It was his first official visit to Greece since the country elected a new left-wing government.

EU interior ministers plot joint strategy to combat terrorism
European Union interior ministers have held talks to plot a strategy to combat terrorism. The issue gained urgency following the deadly attacks in Paris and apparently foiled attacks in Belgium earlier this month.

Bundestag approves mission to train peshmerga fighters in Iraq
Germany's lower house of parliament has approved a mission, which will see Bundeswehr soldiers sent to northern Iraq. They are to train Kurdish peshmerga forces fighting "Islamic State" militants.

German couple killed in Paraguay by guerrilla kidnappers
A German couple has been found dead on a cattle farm in northern Paraguay. Members of a guerrilla group are alleged to have kidnapped and murdered the German ranchers who had lived in Paraguay for 30 years.

Armed man forces way into Dutch national broadcaster
A man wielding a pistol forced his way into the studios of Dutch broadcaster NOS Thursday, demanding airtime and reportedly threatening to detonate explosives across the Netherlands. He was quickly arrested.

Jordan 'asks for evidence' that its captive pilot is alive
The government in Amman has said it would only agree to a prisoner swap if the "Islamic State" provides proof that its hostage, a Jordanian pilot, is still alive. The pilot was captured in Syria last December.

Obama to reverse defense spending limits in 2016 budget
US President Barack Obama is poised to propose increased government outlays, not least military spending, in his 2016 budget. The White House said Obama would end "the era of manufactured crises and mindless austerity."

Lindner: 'Ebola crisis is by no means over'
The worst Ebola virus outbreak in history has killed nearly 9,000 people, almost all of them in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. The WHO says the worst is over but Germany's Ebola envoy says there is need for caution.

Amazon surprises market with fourth-quarter profit
Despite a net loss for 2014, Amazon has beaten expectations with a fourth-quarter profit of $214 million (189 million euros). Search engine Google failed to meet fourth-quarter forecasts, however, with $4.8 billion.

American contractors killed in insider attack in Kabul
Several US contractors were killed when an apparent member of the Afghanistan security forces opened fire at Kabul's military airport. So-called "green on blue" attacks have served to foster mutual distrust.

HRW blames international rise in extremism on human rights violations
In its annual report, Human Rights Watch claims the emergence of the "Islamic State" could be linked to the so-called "war on terror." The NGO points to human rights violations committed during the US invasion of Iraq.


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