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FIFA officials indicted by US over corruption
The US has charged nine FIFA officials and five business executives with corruption and conspiracy, after seven of them were arrested in a Swiss raid. The authorities suspect corruption in the 2010 World Cup bid.

German football reacts to FIFA scandal
Senior members of the German Football League organization and the German FA have spoken up about the FIFA controversy on Wednesday. Even sports manufacturer Adidas has made a statement.

Ban: more EU migrant relocation, less Mediterranean military
Ban Ki-moon says the EU should focus on saving migrant lives at sea rather than sinking smuggling boats. The European Commission has called for the redistribution of 40,000 migrants currently in Italy and Greece.

Greece loan deal in the drafting stage
A deal to unlock another bailout installment for Greece has reportedly started to take shape. Experts are said to begin drafting an accord, signaling progress in protracted talks with international creditors.

Queen's speech to UK Parliament lays out Tory plans
Britain's Conservatives have unveiled their plans for the next five years. The queen read off Tory plans to hold a referendum on EU membership, give Scotland more autonomy and further toughen restrictions on migrants.

German court rejects Yemen drone case
Germany does not have to stop the US from using its Ramstein airbase to coordinate drone strikes in Yemen, a Cologne court has ruled. The decision comes on a case filed by three Yemenis who lost relatives in a strike.

Revised data retention sought by Merkel cabinet
Germany's cabinet has adopted revised legislation on data retention for police probes into severe crimes. Telecoms would log phone and Internet usage for 10 weeks. Privacy advocates and publishers are strongly opposed.

EU food agency: Don't drink more than five espressos a day
Drinking more than five espressos a day could be bad news for health, according to the EU's food safety agency. The recommendation is the result of a Europe-wide review into the risks of caffeine.

A look at the state of same-sex partnerships under German law
In 2001, Germany introduced legal partnerships for same-sex couples. They now have nearly all of the same rights as married couples, but nearly 15 years later, the question remains: why is there still a difference?

Indian court orders Modi to unblock Greenpeace bank accounts
The Delhi High Court has ordered authorities to unblock two of Greenpeace India's local bank accounts. The Modi government froze the accounts in April, arguing the environmental group had misreported foreign funds.

EPRDF wins again in Ethiopia as opposition cries foul
Ethiopia's ruling party has won the latest elections by a landslide. The result is based on an early vote count after a weekend election in which opposition parties had complained that their supporters were harassed.

Stranded freighter 'Purple Beach' at risk of exploding in North Sea
A damaged cargo ship carrying fertilizer is stranded off the coast of Heligoland, emitting foul smelling smoke. Authorities say the cargo ship is at risk of exploding.

Flight delays in Belgium
Landings and takeoffs in Belgian airspace have been stopped nationwide because of what officials describe as "a technical failure with air traffic control." Higher altitude flights across Belgium continue.

Fewer hungry people worldwide, says UN report
The number of hungry people around the world has dropped to below 800 million for the first time. According to an annual UN report, East Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean have made the most progress.


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