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Suicide attacks kill 56 in Nigeria refugee camp
Officials in Nigeria have announced that 56 people were killed in an attack on a refugee camp in Nigeria. Dozens of additional people were injured.

NATO agrees on stronger eastern flank against Russia
A new plan agreed by NATO will see the alliance's military presence in Eastern Europe strengthened. The effort is meant to show solidarity and to reassure Eastern European members against perceived threats from Russia.

Faster action urged on European refugee crisis
Not much: These words could summarize the progress made so far by the EU in the refugee crisis. With just a week to go to the next summit, the European Commission has again urged member states to do more.

French parliament passes controversial constitutional reforms
The most controversial point surrounding France's constitutional reforms includes the possible stripping of citizenship for convicted terrorists. The measure has broad public support, but some politicians are outraged.

Police: no more missing bodies in Bavarian train crash
Rescue workers have concluded their search for more bodies from the train collision near Bad Aibling in southern Germany. Ten people died in the crash; preliminary reports suggest "human error" as a possible cause.

North Korea executes military chief for corruption
Pyongyang has executed chief of staff General Ri Yong Gil, according to South Korea's Yonhap news agency. The punishment is the latest in a series of purges of top leaders in North Korea.

Town hall ban lifted for controversial German politician
A German politician previously banned from appearing at Augsburg town hall has won a legal victory. A court has lifted the ban, clearing the way for the politician to deliver a planned speech.

Auschwitz survivors speak in Detmold on eve of new Nazi trial
Auschwitz survivors, and witnesses against former SS-member Reinhold H., gave a press conference ahead of a new trial of the former death camp guard. They insisted that this trial represents an important new legal step.

Turkey's President Erdogan slams US for supporting Kurds in Syria
Erdogan's criticism of the US comes at a time when the two long-time allies find themselves facing conflicting security threats. Turkey fears a Kurdish-controlled region on its border while the US fears IS attacks.

Underpaid but close to home, refugees choose Turkey over Europe
Accepting a life of low-paid jobs and cramped apartments, some Syrian refugees choose Turkey over Europe to stay close to their Middle Eastern roots. Diego Cupolo reports from Izmir, Turkey.

Germany dismisses Poland's protest against carnival float
Berlin has dismissed Poland's protests regarding an "insulting" parade float during the carnival. The float showed Polish leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski with a booted foot on the head of a woman depicting Poland.

Dungeon of silence: Romania's struggle with the past
For the first time, a former intelligence officer in Romania got 20 years in prison for communist-era crimes. Yet most similar crimes are still far from going to trial as the country struggles with its past.

What does Russia want from its campaign in Syria?
Russian airstrikes support the Syrian regime to advance on rebel-held Aleppo - which would have been impossible a year ago. As thousands flee towards the Turkish border, Emma Burrows looks at Russia's endgame in Syria.

Misery and luxury go hand in hand in Russia
When the going gets tough, the rich in Russia go shopping, but as the economy worsens there will soon be more up for sale than just luxury goods. Fiona Clark reports from Moscow.

Was Pakistan's ISI directly involved in the Mumbai attacks?
New revelations by Mumbai attacks convict David Headley about the Pakistani spy agency's alleged involvement in the assault are likely to spike pressure on Islamabad. But is there enough evidence to implicate the ISI?

Junior doctors stage second strike in English hospitals
Thousands of junior doctors throughout England have gone on a second round of strikes against proposed new working conditions and pay rates. The walkout failed to send any shockwaves to parliament.

Hoffenheim coach Stevens resigns due to heart problem
Huub Stevens has stepped down as head coach of Bundesliga club Hoffenheim due to a heart problem. The veteran coach said his doctors had told him that his condition will require surgery.

German president calls for cooperation with Africa
German President Joachim Gauck has told West African leaders in Nigeria that Germany remains an "open country" for refugees but "cannot take in all who want to come to us."

Lights out at Kaesong industrial complex
Seoul has said it's suspending the country's participation in an industrial park run jointly with North Korea. The move came in response to Pyongyang's nuclear test in January and the launch of a ballistic missile.

Deutsche Bank shares soar after two-day fall
Shares in Deutsche Bank have begun to rebound after two days of rapid deterioration and rumors that the lender may buy back some bonds from investors in order to bolster its capital cushion and win back confidence.

Indonesia says it's ready to open up its economy
Indonesia's president has unveiled plans for a "big bang" opening of his country's traditionally protectionist economy. Joko Widodo said restrictions on trade and foreign investment could be eased for nearly 50 sectors.


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