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'Islamic State' video purportedly shows beheading of US reporter Steven Sotloff
A video has emerged purporting to show the beheading of Steven Sotloff (pictured writing), a US hostage of the "Islamic State." The Islamist group has vowed to continue attacking US citizens for US air strikes on Iraq.

Estonian foreign minister: 'Permanent presence of NATO allies'
Ahead of a meeting with President Obama in Talinn, Estonia’s top diplomat Urmas Paet tells DW what his country expects from the US and the NATO summit. He also cautions against taking Moscow’s statements at face value.

Yemen president dismisses government
Yemeni President Hadi has dismissed the government amid mass protests. Shiite rebels have mobilized tens of thousands of people in recent days in a bid for new political leadership and a reversal of austerity measures.

MSF: World is 'losing the battle' to contain Ebola
International medical agency Medecins sans Frontieres has warned that the world is "losing the battle" to contain Ebola. The United Nations has also warned of severe food shortages in the hardest-hit countries.

Is the US airstrike in Somalia the final attack on al-Shabab?
US armed forces have launched an air strike against the Islamist militant group al-Shabab in Somalia. The attack targeted the head of the group, Ahmed Abdi Godane, but it's not yet clear if he was hit.

Nazi 'euthanasia' of the disabled 'can never be forgotten'
Berlin has unveiled a memorial for victims of what the Nazis called "euthanasia," a program exterminating people deemed "unworthy of life." DW discussed the memorial with disabled politician Andreas Jürgens.

Bastian Schweinsteiger, Mr. Never Say Die
No other player in the German national team personifies a "never give up" attitude more than Bastian Schweinsteiger. The decision to make him captain seems obvious and appropriate.

Arrest warrant dropped against British parents of boy with tumor
British prosecutors have said they are withdrawing an arrest warrant against a UK couple who took their son out of the country in hopes of getting a new radiation therapy to treat his brain tumor.

UK schools caught up in extremism debate
This week, children across the United Kingdom return to school. Some experts are concerned that UK schools are becoming the breeding ground for Islamic extremism and want a clear focus on "British values."

Who is financing Boko Haram?
Why is the Nigerian army not succeeding in defeating Boko Haram? Conspiracy theories see links to politicians and the military. And when the assistance promised by the West will materialize is an open question.

German actor Gottfried John dies, aged 72
Hailed as one of Germany's most versatile and prominent actors, Gottfried John has died aged 72. John became internationally known for his role as the villain in the 1995 James Bond film 'GoldenEye.'

IMF warns of Ukraine funding shortfall if fighting persists
The International Monetary Fund has says it is worried about its bailout program for Ukraine not being enough to meet its targets. The lender noted that fighting in the east of the country had caused massive costs.

Estonia's expectations: What can Obama deliver?
The US president is stopping off in Estonia on his way to the NATO summit in Wales. Symbolism aside, Estonians want Obama to commit to an increased NATO presence, but how realistic is that, asks Raimo Poom?


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