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European refugee arrivals drop as Turkey cracks down on smuggling gangs
The number of refugees reaching Europe by sea dropped in November for the first time this year. The drop has been attributed to inclement weather and Turkish efforts to stem the flow of migrants.

German Cabinet approves mission in Syria against 'Islamic State'
Germany's Cabinet has approved a mandate offering military assistance in the fight against the self-declared 'Islamic State' (IS) in Syria. The package still requires parliamentary approval.

Obama suggests Russia might eventually work with US in ending Syria conflict
President Obama has emphasized the need for a diplomatic response to the ongoing conflict in Syria. He was speaking during the climate talks in Paris, which Russian President Vladimir Putin also attended.

Afghan President Ghani to talk refugees with Merkel
Afghan President Ashraf Ghani is making his second visit to Berlin since taking office in 2014. His talks with Angela Merkel will focus on the current refugee crisis.

United States to send 'specialized' forces to fight 'Islamic State' (IS) in Iraq
US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter has said that over time the special troops would conduct raids, free hostages, gather intelligence and capture IS leaders. 'That's for starters,' Carter told a congressional committee.

MSF charity reports civilians killed in Syrian hospital barrel-bombing
Doctors Without Borders has accused the Syrian regime of bombing a hospital in a rebel-held part of Homs. The attack comes less than two months after another hospital was bombed by the US, purportedly by accident.

France, Germany promise money for clean development in Africa
At climate conferences, developing countries tend to call for money from industrialized ones – money to help them grow without increasing greenhouse gas emissions. On Tuesday, such support was put in concrete terms.

AirAsia final report blames crew, computer fault for crash
Indonesia's National Transport Safety committee has released the details of its investigation into the downing of AirAsia Flight QZ8501. The tragedy was the result of computer and human error, it said.

CDU forced to publish lobbyist list after legal battle
Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union has been forced to publish a list of lobbyists it gave Bundestag passes to, ending a legal battle. Parliamentary watchdogs think it's time for a full obligatory lobby register.

Whip's absence drives UK vote on Syria strikes
If all goes to schedule, the House of Commons in London and Berlin's Bundestag will vote through increased involvement over Syria's skies on the same day. The UK mission is set to stretch to airstrikes, despite dissent.

Police in Italy, Kosovo arrest suspected jihadists over threats to Pope Francis
The Italian and Kosovar authorities have detained four people suspected of threatening Pope Francis in support of 'Islamic State' (IS). The group leader allegedly tried to recruit fighters from Kosovo.

Bomb blasts injure at least five people near Istanbul subway station
At least five people have been wounded in a pipe-bomb blast near a subway station in Istanbul, local officials said. The device, placed at a highway overpass, caused panic among passers-by in the Turkish metropolis.

Israeli army to allow HIV-positive soldiers to enlist
The Israeli military has said it will begin to allow HIV-positive soldiers to enlist. It is a radical departure for the army, which in the past disqualified people infected with the virus from becoming soldiers.

Belarus seeks $3 billion IMF credit, with consideration of economic reform
Minsk is considering economic reform in exchange for a possible $3 billion loan from the IMF, Belarus officials say. The deal would offer better value than the usual bids from Moscow, according to President Lukashenko.

NATO military alliance plans to boost Turkey's defenses as tensions rise
The NATO move to aid Turkey's defenses comes at a time of heightened tensions between Russia and Turkey. The military alliance has not specified what the measures would involve.

China's Xi Jinping in Zimbabwe amid high expectations
Chinese President Xi Jinping has arrived in Zimbabwe, greeted with a guard of honor. Harare has been keenly waiting for the premier to finalize trade deals that may help stabilize the southern African country's economy.

Al Qaeda's Syria branch hands hostages back to Lebanon
Al Qaeda's Syrian branch, the Nusra Front, has released 16 Lebanese policemen and soldiers as part of a prisoner swap. The return of the body of a Lebanese soldier was also part of the deal.

Pakistani-German couple in Darmstadt sentenced to life for killing their daughter
A Pakistani-German couple has been convicted of killing their daughter on religious grounds after she slept with her boyfriend. The teenager was strangled and dumped in a nearby forest.

Freed of Taliban, Kunduz starts tough road to recovery
As the battle for Kunduz city raged between Taliban militants and government forces, almost half of its residents were thought to have fled. Most have returned - to an unstable, uneasy existence, reports Catherine James.

#SueMeSaudi: Twitter users taunt Saudi Arabia
The hashtag #SueMeSaudi is soaring after a source at the Saudi Arabian justice ministry reportedly said he would sue a Twitter user who compared Saudi Arabia to the terror group 'Islamic State.'

Two penguins missing, one found dead at German zoo in latest of possible crimes
Police are investigating the death of one penguin and the disappearance of two others at a Dortmund zoo. The incident comes not long after another animal was found dead under mysterious circumstances at the same zoo.


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