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Afghanistan leaders sign power-sharing deal
Afghan politicians Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah have signed a power-sharing deal, ending months of political deadlock. Outgoing President Karzai has pledged to support their government.

IS militants close in on Syrian Kurdish town as thousands flee
"Islamic State" militants have continued their advance on a large Kurdish town in Syria, according to sources monitoring the country's conflict. Tens of thousands of residents have fled to neighboring Turkey.

Opposition calls protests, but Russian public opinion largely pro-Putin
For the first time in six months, opposition activists in Russia have called on people to join peace marches against Moscow's Ukraine policies and its propaganda machine. But there is little appetite for protest.

Climate activists protest ahead of NY summit
Climate activists have rallied in Australia at the start of worldwide protest to press for overdue steps at Tuesday's UN summit in New York. In Cairns, protestors urged G20 finance ministers to switch to "renewables."

Kenya remembers Westgate Mall massacre victims
On the first anniversary of the al-Shabab militant attack on Westgate Mall in Kenya's capital Nairobi, thousands of mourners and survivors gathered to pay their respects to the 67 victims. Kenya remains on high alert.

Kenya commemorates victims of Westgate massacre
One year after militant group al-Shabab mounted an attack on the Westgate Mall in Kenya's capital Nairobi that killed 67, the country still battles with fears over Islamist terror.

Incoming Afghan government faces internal challenges
Afghanistan finally has a new government. The question, however, remains if it can function and complete its five-year term. Experts consider the new government a short-term solution for the war-torn country.

Afghan combat mission 'definitely over'
What is in store for Afghanistan after the withdrawal of ISAF peacekeeping forces? In a DW interview, German Major General Dieter Warnecke talks about the problems and prospects facing the country.

Pope Francis condemns religious extremism during Albania visit
In remarks made during a brief trip to Albania, Pope Francis has condemned the use of religion as a pretext to justify violence. He praised the country for promoting the peaceful co-existence of different faiths.

G20 sees opportunities for extra growth
G20 finance heads and civic leaders meeting in Australia say they have devised reforms to generate an extra 1.8 percent growth. Aims include improved infrastructure projects and added job creation.

At least six dead in Egypt military aircraft crash
A military aircraft has crashed in Egypt, killing six soldiers and wonding a seventh, state TV reports. The incident is thought to be a result of a "technical failure".


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