46 Sports Associations to benefit from GHASSEP Seminars

46 Sports Associations to benefit from GHASSEP Seminars
Source: Ghana | Myjoyonline.com
Date: 14-11-2018 Time: 12:11:40:pm

Over 40 sports associations under the National Sports Authority will be afforded the opportunity to learn new Psychological techniques when the Ghana Society of Sport and Exercise Psychology (GASSEP) launches a major project this month.

GHASSEP, through its local and international partners, intends to provide a variety of programmers that combines natural and social sciences and would deliver interdisciplinary skills and techniques to prepare the students, athletes, coaches and other analogous staff in the sports industry. 

Members of the Society would be eligible for further training and development in both local and international institutions.

Members looking to pursue a career in the applied setting may consider a career as a sport psychological expert, providing performance and personal development support to professional and recreational athletes or clients in physical activity or exercise setting.

Besides self-employment, potential employers may include many associations, sports clubs and support centres for competitive sports and fitness centres, reflecting the growing demand for sport psychology consultants.

Furthermore, potential job market to specifically search for sport and exercise professionals with effective diagnostics and interventions (including quality management and evaluation) background as specialists.

 With the growing popularity and relevance in health, leisure and elite sport in Ghana, it is surprising that this all-important field is at its nascent stage, development and recognition in the country.

An area that is not well understood and appreciated. Therefore, the launching of GHSSEP goes beyond the fundamentals of psychological science by focusing on significant areas in applied contexts of sport and exercise while providing a critical knowledge about the application of scientific and cognitive-behavioural principles in sport and exercise.