The Concerned Drivers Association is unhappy with government’s decision to reduce fuel prices by ¢0.09 as a mitigation measure following a recent increase.

According to the Association’s PRO, David Agboado, the initiative by government to take effect Wednesday, May 5, would in no way reduce the grievances faced by drivers.

Speaking to Daniel Dadzie on The Pulse Tuesday, he entreated the incumbent government to consider other alternatives such as scrapping off “nuisance” taxes in the petroleum sector.

“The reduction is no news to me. The reason it is no news is because those nuisance taxes on our petroleum sector must be scrapped off. That one would be news.

“TOR [Tema Oil Refinery] recovery levy, it is TOR operation but we are paying the levy. Price stabilization margin, is the price stabilized? But we are paying those taxes.

“So those nuisance taxes are not taxes that we are supposed to pay. So to me, that 8 pesewas or something won’t [do anything]. They have cheated us for far too long so, it is no news to me,” he said.

David Agboado’s comment follows a directive taken by the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) to rescind its decision to increase fuel prices by ¢0.17.

In a press statement issued by the Authority, it said as of May 5, the price of fuel per litre purchased by consumers would be reduced by nine pesewas.

But according to David Agboado, the Concerned Drivers Association would not backtrack on its decision to increase transportation fares despite the reduction.

He noted that come Monday, fares would be increased by 40 per cent irrespective of NPA and the Energy Minister’s decision to reduce prices of fuel litre by nine pesewas.

“Yes, it will be so because early this year, petrol price was ¢19.45 but as of now, all-mighty Goil which is owned by the state is selling a litre price for 6.13 that is a litre price. A gallon, if you calculate it, is 27.58 per gallon.

“That is what government is taking from us. So you taking ¢0.08 or ¢0.09 out of that money is not even the tip of the iceberg. Does that mean something to us? No,” he said.