Fact One: The candidate himself is a relevant social force in the region, more than the government of Ghana, he has single handedly helped in providing social housing, street lights, schools and the building of more than 86 boreholes for Kumbungu and its neighboring communities.

Fact two: Convention Peoples’ Party (CPP) drew votes from all sides, that is why the party believes everybody has a stake in the victory.

The people saw CPP as the vehicle of change, hope and progress and therefore voted for their own future. Kumbungu, like many communities in Ghana is highly deprived. The only secondary school in Kumbungu is nothing but a hencoop. There is no tarred road in Kumbungu—a constituency of well defined poverty in devastating proportions with a highly youthful population of growing despondency over the lack of jobs and opportunity.

This is in spite of their consistent pattern of voting since the beginning of the Fourth Republic. In the 2012 general elections the CPP placed third with 4000 votes, the bye-election has seen an exponential difference by 9000 votes. The bye-election also saw a 7000 vote depreciation from the National Democratic Congress (NDC) side that had initially garnered 18000 votes to secure Mumuni a place in Ghana’s Parliament.

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) got 8000 votes in December 2012 that is by far short of the 13,000 the CPP candidate garnered. The NPP has not contested in any bye–election yet. Preceding one’s have shown clearly lower voter turn outs implying the ground disinterest of NPP supporters to come out to vote differently where they are not contesting.

What is not clear therefore is whether the swelling in the CPP votes was the making of some supporters of the NPP or the NDC. But the fact remains that it took ordinary people from all walks of life to believe in the CPP to make a change in their lives.

Fact Three: The explosion of mass ideological awakening amongst citizens of Kumbungu has been significantly recorded as a contributing factor. As part of the restructuring, restoring and re-organising efforts by the party an Ideological Development Training Programme was initiated. This silent and consistent study of the ideological distinctions between the CPP and the rest led to the crumpling of largely held misconceptions. For instance, the misconception that some how the CPP was just like the NDC.

This simple reawakening of the falsity of that claim and the understanding of the violence still being perpetrated against the CPP through the 1992 constitution is what was to embolden the youth of Kumbungu to take their destinies into their hands.

This is evident in how the CPP Kumbungu Youth,in just a day to the election, would issue a strong worded notice to the NDC captioned No Retreat; No Surrender, in which they state: “We are aware of the attempts by the NDC and indeed some faceless forces in the constituency to cause mayhem in order to steal the true voice of the people of Kumbungu.

But we can assure these cowards that their plans would be crushed to dust at the slightest provocation”.

Through the instrument of ideological training, the scales had been taken off their eyes as they are seeing their future clearly and no one would stand in their way…

Fact Four: The unity exhibited by the CPP Leadership went a long way to assure the people that their mandate is safe with the CPP. Contrary to the highly played propaganda that the party leadership was divided ahead of the 2012 general election, all national executives came together, moving from one village to the other, engaging the attention of the people and making the party’s plans for the constituency known to the people.

It would be recalled that in the 2012 general election almost all members constituting the executive leadership of the party were also contesting as parliamentary candidate. Whilst this could have been a good idea looking at the visibility they already had in the media this hurt the party’s fortunes dearly owing to the fact that they could not come together as they did in this election. Opponents exploited this to mean division on the CPP front.

Fact Five: The PNC did not contest in this election. They threw their weight in the constituency to the CPP. The General Secretary of the Party was there to assist in the campaign and things went very smoothly. It is therefore quite surprising that they have chosen amongst all things to remain the silent heroes of this victory.

Fact Six: The youth of Kumbungu voted for their future. A renowned pollster confirmed a few days ago that majority of those who voted CPP in the 2012 general election are actually youth.

This confirmation received overwhelming endorsement in the Kumbungu bye-election. Being the party with the youngest set of National Executives, it is refreshing and indeed most reassuring to see this youthful reflection throughout all the facets of leadership of the party across the region, constituencies and areas.

With an average age of 18 years, the highly powered youthful team was able to convince their fellows and indeed their elders about the need to see their future in them and the Convention People’s Party as the national youth party. It is this silent sentiments and the fact that the CPP has actually been the party of choice that so quickly resonated to make all and sundry vote massively for the CPP candidate.

Fact Seven: The catastrophic discrepancies that were witnessed in the 2012 polls was overwhelmingly absent in this bye-election. Careful that another election fraud petition is not tabled before the courts, the Electoral Commission would leave no stone unturned.

Over here, apart from the Chairman of the Electoral Commission, Dr. Kwadwo Afari-Gyan, his two deputies were at Kumbungu to supervise the processes themselves and to ensure that they were open and transparent as the live telecast of the election petition on Gtv. The Commission would not be compromised in spite of the latent attempts to be bribed.

Overt threats such as the one by the NDC matching to the Electoral Commission’s office to put the fear of God in them only succeeded in strengthening their resolve to do the right thing this time. This only shows that given a fair playing field, the CPP is an efficient electoral machine capable of winning elections.

Fact Eight: There was heavy military and police presence at the constituency. The Regional Police Command and the Army responded swiftly to the call by the Kumbungu CPP Youth to come and maintain law and order. The Azoka squad was there in their numbers wielding horse whips obviously to come and whip the hell out of perceived CPP supporters.

One of our Regional Deputy Directors of Communication, Comrade Nabila would not be spared. Had it not been for God, I would only have been recounting his story in this post only to the extent of how his demise happened.

But we thank God that he is alive to tell his own story. They also succeeded in slapping a woman in her late 40’s, her crime was attempting to celebrate a CPP victory when the call was not over. The party is taking care of her medical expenses I am told. Nonetheless, the heavy security presence in the area ensured the order that the CPP needed to win the seat.

Fact Nine: Kumbungu has traditionally been a CPP seat. The CPP only went back for what was rightfully theirs.

Fact Ten: In spite of the splendid show of unity and organisation that the party displayed, the intervention of God cannot be missing in any meaningful analysis. The bye-election has come to show how God chooses the wretched of the earth to glorify His name. Some of you get amazed anytime I show my faith in God, I am a Socialist but not of the Marxist stalk—I am Nkrumaist. To be a Marxist, I must necessarily proclaim atheism because to Marx all that exist is matter.

In Nkrumah’s Consciencism, Nkrumah distinguishes spirit, mind, energy, space, time, from matter as “higher logical types” which are derived from matter through the process of “categorical conversion.” Nkrumah uses the Theory of Relativity and Quantum Theory along with the process of chemical change as models for categorical conversion from lower logical types into higher logical types with a new set of properties and a loss of mass.

This is the model with which Nkrumah scientifically demonstrates the categorical convertibility from material into immaterial categories of being. He uses constructionism, reductionism, and nominalism as philosophical tools to demonstrate categorical conversion logically. The primary reality of matter is a component of Philosophical Consciencism.

With the “primary reality of matter,” the co-extensiveness of matter,” the categorical conversion” of matter into immaterial categories of being, and the “inter-reducibility” of matter with immaterial categories, we can determine the kind of spirit someone has through the application of Consciencism.

The CPP candidate has been doing work for the people, providing water for the people, schools for the people, street lights for the people, shelter for the people. When we inter-reduce this practice with the immaterial category of spirit, this is Gods work, a good spirit, generous, giving, sharing, with collectivist principles. This equates with a highly developed Conscience to do good and right for the society. This is Nkrumaism and socialism.

Work on the immaterial category of ideology is critical, because Nkrumahism as our ideology will help us to develop a socialist conscience, based on the traditional African experience and our belief in God, to change our society with a measure of a dialectical moment from a neo-colonial society into a liberated zone and base for the African revolution. [ Please read Nkrumah’s Consciencism for further understanding]

I followed numerous news stories about the approaching bye-elections and none gave the CPP a dog chance in their reports. In fact, most news reports talked about the bye-elections without mentioning that the CPP was even contesting, let alone to mention its contesting candidate.

It was the same on television and radio. A day to the election I heard an NDC Women’s Organiser on radio proudly saying that Kumbungu is an NDC ‘strong hold’; the presenter quickly brought in CPP, only for this Women’s Organiser to ask how the presenter could be talking about the dead amongst the living.
She told listeners that she saw the CPP candidate in the afternoon alone so she walked up to him to encourage him. What she did not know was that God was with Moses Yayha and the CPP.

In the evening I again heard the NDC Deputy General Secretary on Pravda Radio in banter with a member of the CPP Kumbungu Communications team, Hafis Mohammed who was alleging a threat of violence by the NDC and throwing more light an a statement he had issued in the day.

The Deputy General Secretary rather than the issue quizzed the host, Prince Minkah about whether he sees or hears” CeeeePeeeeePee” in the news and why Prince Minkah would even choose to entertain such ‘nonentities’ on his show? It was like a rotten egg in my face.

The story of David and Goliath was all that would keep me throughout the night having called into the show to set the records straight. This may not be a Nigerian movie, but I find it profoundly appropriate in this truly inspiring story to end this piece with the phrase: “TO GOD BE THE GLORY”.