A 12-year-old girl from Kumasi has developed a simple hand-washing machine with just two one litre bottles and straws.

Aisha Fofana says she conceived the idea while thinking of how to contribute to the fight against the new coronavirus in her own small way.

She told JoyNews correspondent Mahamudu Nurudeen that it took her two days to produce the device.

“One day was for thinking about it and the other day I just tried it and I saw it worked and I was so excited,” said Aisha.

The device is made of two bottles; one for hold water and the other for holding liquid soap.

A straw is inserted into a cut out hole toward the bottom of each bottle and the lid of the bottles closed.

Once a bottle is opened, it releases its contents, allowing the user to wash their hands.

Aisha says she developed the device by applying air and pressure thought in science class at Headlines Educational Centre, Kumasi.

She aims to be an engineer when she grows up.

Speaking to JoyNews’ AM Show Monday, Aisha said she intends to produce more of the device and put some on her school’s bus when the government reopens schools.

She is also considering producing it in commercial quantities.