The Ashaiman District Court has sentenced Alfred Kontoh, 19-year-old, unemployed to 15 months imprisonment for unlawful entry contrary to section 152 and stealing contrary to section 124 (1) of criminal offences Acts 1960 (Acts 29).

The court presided over by Mrs. Eleanor Kakra Banes Botchway sentenced the accused on his own plea of guilty to eight months in hard labour on count one and 15 months in hard labour for count two.

The sentences are to run concurrently.

Chief Inspector Samuel Aperweh prosecuting said, Isaac Marvin Kpodonu, the complainant is a 48-year-old businessman who resides in Newland Katamanso and Kontoh the convict lives at Lebanon zone two a suburb of Ashaiman.

The prosecution told the court that, on September 21st, 2021 about 0830 hours, Kontoh scaled the wall of complainant’s three-bedroom self-contained house and unlawfully entered the back door which was not locked and stole one elbee ceiling fan valued at GHS200.00, one kaspa ceiling fan valued at GHS200.00 and one kitchen sink valued at GHS 250.00.

Chief Inspector Aperweh said Kontoh was however apprehended when he was trying to scale the wall back with the above-mentioned items.

During investigations, the accused person in his cautioned statement admitted the offenses and after investigation, was charged with the offense and brought before the court.

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