Plots by Covid-19 patients to break out from isolation centres are becoming the biggest challenge in the fight against the pandemic.

Officials at the Kumasi South Hospital, an isolation centre in the Ashanti Region, have witnessed attempts by two of their patients mounting pressure on them to let them out.

The Hospital’s Maternity Ward, as well as the Kumasi Infectious Disease Treatment Centre, are dedicated to the care of the Covid-19 patients.

Authorities are suddenly confronted with some of the patients secretly planning to leave the centre on their blind side.

The two male patients who attempted to escape gave no specific reasons for their action.

Covid-19 Case Management Co-ordinator at the centre, Dr Angela Durowaa Frempong said attempts were made to use bed trolleys break doors to the centre.

”Sometimes you can understand their psyche because you are being kept in a place for a week or more. The place is not your usual environment and also you can’t leave the room,” she said.

Any unfortunate incident of a break out here puts hundreds of people outside at risk, as admissions soar in the wake of increasing case counts.

It comes with pressure on Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) at the facility.

Dr Durowaa-Frempong said the limited space at the centre should make people obey the necessary protocols to prevent the spread of the virus.

Out of about 30 patients admitted there since the outbreak, 18 have been discharged.

Meanwhile, Rotary Club Kumasi East has donated some PPEs and sanitation items worth ¢10,000 to the facility.

It brings the club’s support value since the outbreak of Covid-19 to over ¢1 million.

The group says it will join in educating public to keep to protocols especially wearing of mask to prevent spread of the virus.

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