Day three of the Joy FM Beauty and Bridal Fair climaxed with a spectacular Fashion Show and Drama.

Written and directed by Nii Commey, the drama, entitled Fantasies, depicted the desires of some young women as far as marriage is concerned.

Mascara, the lead character of the play, wanted to marry a rich guy just like her friends but found it very difficult in getting one. She soliloquies unceasingly about her dream man till she is visited by a prophet who says God has revealed a union between them; he saw it in a vision.

Mascara angrily rejects the prophet’s proposal. She is later visited by a so-called rich guy who has landed from America and Mascara wastes no time in getting close.

It is after the so-called rich man has proposed marriage and given her a promise ring that she realizes her darling rich ‘burger’ is the same prophet she earlier rejected. Poor Mascara collapses out of shock and the lesson was not lost on the hundreds who watched it staged by an extremely talented caste. Many showed uncontrolled emotion.

The play was not the only mouth-watering side attraction to the Bridal Fair.

Models from the Exotic Modelling Agency as usual graced the runway in between the various scenes of the drama with engaging outfits hanging around their adorable frames.

The teeming crowds cheered as the models showed off in a range of clothing including bridal, kente, casual and sportswear by some of the nation’s finest designers like Nallem Clothing, Ovelli, Catherine Garments and Elegant Day Bridal.

The show ends Sunday, July 8 and many were those asking for an extension of the closing date.