After eight long years of contesting in arguably the most-viewed show in Africa, Big Brother Africa, former contestant, Keitta, has some clues on how we can get there.

Keitta, who represented the country in Big Brother Africa ‘StarGame’, has advised that for any Ghanaian representative to win the Big-Brother Africa TV Show, Ghana needs to get a representative whose mentality is strong, can accommodate other characters, sociable, and has a strong and appealing personality.

According to Keitta, since Ghanaians do not really vote enough for their Big Brother Africa candidate, any Ghanaian representative who can be a potential winner has to get a positive drive to be able to gather enough votes from other countries as well.

“Every country wants to vote for their candidate so to be able to gather votes across Africa; you need to have that drive to attract voters in other countries. Also, you have to be yourself, because, I was myself and managed to get to where I got to,” he said.

Explaining the process in choosing a candidate, he said that the judges are not Ghanaians as some people perceive. “The judges are not from Ghana, like some people think. So no need to blame the judges for the type of candidates who represent us. They choose those they think will be best for the Big Brother Africa Show,” Keitta noted.

On the exposure of the nude photos and videos of Big Brother Africa’s participants to the general public by the organizers, Edemol – he said that our culture did not allow him to expose his private parts; that’s why he wore one boxer throughout the season.

“However, Big Brother is far better than the other Big Brother TV Shows in other continents, because, it’s not everything that goes on in the house that is shown to the public and even if it is done, it is always rated 18+…the only parts that they think are entertaining to their viewers,” Keitta justified.

Big Brother Africa is a television program produced by Endemol for M-net. It started in the year 2003 and annually hosted in South Africa. The contestants live in an ‘enclosed’ house while trying to avoid being evicted by viewers and ultimately winning cash prize at the end of the show.

Elikem Kumordzi, Ghana’s representative for last year’s edition is on record to be the only representative who has made it to the finals of the show.