Police investigations have led to the arrest of three persons in connection to the murder of an okada rider in the Ahafo Ano East District of the Ashanti Region.

The Okada rider named Kwaku Manu aged 45 years, a resident of Brepro near Fawoman in the Ahafo Ano East District, was found in a bush with multiple wounds on his body at Brepro after leaving home on Friday, August 6.

His body was conveyed to the Mankraso  Government Hospital but was confirmed dead by the medical officer on duty.

In a police statement on updates in the investigation, the Ashanti Regional Command revealed that the three persons Kwabena Stephen 20 years, Edward Nepondi 20 years and Kofi Quansah 19 years, were arrested in connection with the robbery/murder of Kwaku Manu.

It indicated that the trio, all residents of Potrikrom near Edugyama were involved in an accident with the deceased’s motorbike and were admitted at the St. Edward Hospital at Edugyama.

“A search on one of the suspects revealed the deceased person’s mobile phone. The three are therefore arrested and are under Police guard at the Mankranso Government Hospital,” the statement read.

The Police stated that they have visited the crime scene where they found one empty BB Cartridge.

“Same [the Cartridge] has been retained as well as the accident motorbike for evidential purposes. Any further updates will be communicated,” the statement read.

The suspects have been transferred to the Mankraso Government Hospital whilst the body of the deceased has been deposited at the Plus Lab Mortuary at Mankraso for preservation.

Meanwhile, the Ashanti Regional Command has extended their sympathy to the bereaved family assuring that “the Police will not condone any act of criminality within the area and the Region at large. That all cases of crime will be thoroughly investigated and justice served to all.”

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