Three persons have died in an accident on the Kumasi- Obuasi road in the Ashanti Region.

Ten others are said to have sustained various degrees of injuries in the crash, which happened on Friday after a Toyota Tundra vehicle collided with a taxi at Afoaka Junction.

According to eyewitnesses, the Toyota Tundra vehicle with registration number AS 4275-21 also crashed into two other commercial vehicles parked on the road’s shoulders with passengers on board after colliding with the taxi.

The taxi driver and one passenger on the commercial vehicles died on the spot. Another female passenger also died upon arrival at St. Peter’s Catholic Hospital.

A medical doctor at the St. Peter’s Catholic Hospital, Dr Adai Aboagye, said two persons died while three others are currently on admission.

“We received 5 casualties, and out of that, we have two fatalities. One person died on the spot and so was brought in dead.

“The other person, a woman over the age of 60, also passed away at the emergency unit. The other casualties are quite stable, and they are being monitored.”

According to him, other casualties may have been sent to surrounding health facilities, but he cannot confirm the numbers.

One female and one male who died have been sent to the morgue.

Meanwhile, police at Jacobu have confirmed three deaths and ten injuries.

The bodies of the deceased have since been deposited at the morgue, awaiting autopsy.

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