A 35-year-old man has allegedly butchered his wife at Assin Koforidua in the Central Region.

The suspect, known as Kwabena, after the act attempted suicide by slashing his throat, however, he was unsuccessful.

Preliminary investigations by the Assin Darmang Police reveal that the suspect was married to 27-year-old Abena. Police say both are Burkinabes and work as farm labourers at Assin Koforidua.

The police explained that on August 31, at about 1 pm, the deceased, Abena, rushed out of her room shouting for help with a cutlass wound on her left hand.

Her husband followed from the same room chasing her with a cutlass. The only tenant who was in the house at the time of the incident upon seeing the situation ran out shouting for help.

The neighbours later came in and saw that the suspect, Kwabena had killed his wife and was threatening to harm anyone who approached him.

He is said to have later entered his room and attempted suicide by using his cutlass to cut his throat but found it difficult to breathe, hence crawled to the entrance of his door.

The police were informed and upon rushing to the scene, found the deceased in a pool of blood with a deep cutlass wound on her head, back and left hand. They also found Kwabena, the suspect, with a deep cut on his neck with bloodstains all over his body lying down helpless.

Abena was confirmed dead by the medical officer on duty at the St. Francis Xavier Hospital. Her body has been deposited at the morgue of the St. Francis Xavier Hospital at Assin Fosu for autopsy while the suspect, Kwabena, is being treated under police guard in the same hospital.

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