Irene Asare is now HR Director of the BBC

The Irene Asare HR Mentoring Programme has launched its third cohort on the theme “The HR Leader in the New Normal”. 

The programme is an initiative by BBC’s HR Director, Irene Asare, that seeks to empower human resource personnel by partnering them with seasoned players in the sector.

Speaking at the launch, Economist, Alhassan Andani, advised human resource professionals to reposition themselves in order to adapt to the changing times of the world.

According to him, it’s about time HR professionals ‘rip the old manuals’ and create new ones to suit the agile form of work.

“We can no longer operate on those old HR manuals. We’ve got to rip them off and then rethink and write a new manual for the new world of work because the new world of work is a totally different game.”

Organisations are going to be radically different, agile and changing. Their purpose may be the same but the way they get it done will change rapidly. So, it’s no longer the stable, predictable environment where those whole HR practices were written for,” he said.

He further applauded the team for actualising the dream of mentorship.

Meanwhile, founder of CarvinClay People Development, Irene Asare, says the Irene Asare HR Mentoring Programme seeks to help HR professionals learn best ways to ensure productivity in their various places. She indicated that this third cohort is of great importance especially during the pandemic where hybrid work has come to stay.

“Hybrid working is our reality. We thought initially it would be a new normal which would go with time but it has come to stay. What I think it means for us as HR professionals is that we have to adapt. We need to learn to think differently,” she stated.

One of the mentees, Patricks Asiamah who’s the Human Capital Business Partner with Stanbic bank, expressed his delight to be part of the programme to learn from household names in the sector.

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