Six journalists from the five regions of the north, are set to receive awards for their incredible work in the area of agriculture over the past 12 months by the Harmattan Awards for Development Journalism.

Four categories namely, Radio (English), Radio (Local Language), Print and Television were identified for the awards which will take place today, February 28.

However, three print and three radio practitioners who have distinguished themselves in telling touching stories about rural farmers are expected to receive the ‘Harmattan’.

Executive Director for Countrywise Communication, Raymond Vuol, describes the Harmattan Awards for Development Journalism as “a tool to refocusing the energies of our hardworking journalists for the benefit of the agro sector and particularly the poor farmers in Northern Ghana.”

In the ensuing awards, it is the hope of the organisation that, many entries would be made for the TV and local language for Radio categories.

Harmattan awards

Countrywise Communication also hopes to establish a training program and research fund for journalists. The training programme will periodically offer refresher courses to journalists. They can also apply to the research fund for financial support for their projects.

The harmattan awards” is named after the harmattan season in the north which occasionally indicates the end of the farming season and harvesting time.

This year’s award has received forty-five (45) entries from five regions of the north ranging from climate change to food security issues.

The six journalists whose work impressed a four-member team of judges have been shortlisted for the awards.

Winners of the award would receive laptops, zoom sound recorders, crystal plaques and citations to support them to do diligent work in subsequent years.