Some 60 applicants of the 2019 edition of the ‘Forty-under-40’ Awards, have been disqualified.

While 14 individuals were disqualified based on eligibility, thus they were not chief executive officers nor co-founders of their companies, 46 more applicants did not meet the first criteria selection process. 

According to the Events Director, Richard Abbey Jnr, the selection into shortlisted nominees requires some significant achievements with some degree of evidence from the nominator or the nominee. 

The Forty-under-40 Awards, an initiative of Xodus Communications Limited, seeks to identify, honour and celebrate a cross-section of the nation’s most influential and accomplished young business leaders under the age 40. They are persons selected from a wide range of industries, who are committed to business growth, professional excellence and community service and have risen through the ranks of their companies or industries at a relatively young age.

The Award category covers a wide range of all the various sectors ranging from banking and finance, energy, family business, agriculture, theatre and arts, journalism, fashion, law, sports, event management, health, technology and innovation amongst others.

“The Awards put the spotlight on these young achievers not only to celebrate them but also build a strong platform for them by giving a voice and opportunities to the next generation of industry pacesetters while building a positive attitude in our youth to strive for excellence at a tender age,” Mr. Abbey said in a statement.

He added: “The Awarding Board is seeking to celebrate under forty emerging leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals in the public, private and non-profit sectors and will recognise attributes such as achievements in business, experience and innovation, vision, leadership and community involvement.” 

Last year the Awards Gala brought together about 400 guests of which 121 were nominees.

The third edition of the Awards which is slated for October 4 at the Kempinski Gold Coast Hotel, is endorsed by the Ministry of Business Development, National Youth Authority and the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation. 

It is under the supervision of an Awarding Board with eminent members of the society comprising; Prof. Atta Peters, Dr. Ken Kwaku, Prof. Essilfie Conduah, Dr. Ato Conduah and  Dr Paul Fynn.  

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