The Western Regional police and the family of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) treasurer for the Takoradi constituency have placed a ¢50,000 bounty on the murderers who killed him in his room.

According to reports, he was shot in his house at Fijai, a suburb of Sekondi in the Western region by some unknown assailant, Wednesday dawn.

The assailants, residents said, took nothing from the house but went straight to Mr Ofori’s room and took his life.

The elder brother of the deceased also sustained gunshot wounds.

The police are also on a manhunt for suspects who murdered a 70-year-old security guard of the Western Regional Minister’s in-law this week.  

Briefing the media in Takoradi, Western region police commander, DCOP Vincent Dedjoe said they are doing their best to unravel the case and apprehend the suspects.

He is, therefore, calling on the general public to assist the police in finding the murderer.

“One of the most important things I would request is the assistance from the public, so far as this issue is concerned, is to give us information to enable us to clip whoever was responsible for this.”

He added, “There would be a handsome reward for whoever will let us get to the bottom of this issue by arresting the perpetrator.”

Brother of the deceased, Sam Elis told Joy News, the family strongly believes that the murder was premeditated.