The Criminal Investigation Department (CID), at headquarters team investigating the Abesim murder case, has discovered the murder weapon the alleged suspect, Richard Appiah, murdered his victims with.

In a press release, the police revealed that they found two cutlasses with bloodstains on them while examining a septic tank and other places of concern.

“The Police Administration is assuring the public, especially the affected families and the people of Abesim, of a thorough investigation to bring the perpetrators to justice,” parts of the statement read.

The police had earlier informed Adom News that they have also retrieved the intestines of one of the victims from a cocoa farm after a search.

In the update, the police stated that the intestines “since exhumed for pathological analysis and forensic examination in Accra.”

Abesim murder: Police finds murder weapon

The Police, on Friday, August 20, arrested a man for allegedly killing two children.

Abesim murder: Police finds murder weapon

Richard Appiah, 28, was arrested after the father of one of his victims, Louis Agyemang Junior, aged 12, reported him to the Police.

Together with the complainant and suspect, the police proceeded to the house where the suspect resides in the Alaska area near Abesim.

The team found the deceased lying in a supine position in a room, while another murdered person was found in a different room.

During a further search of the house, pieces of flesh suspected to be parts of another person were found in a double-door fridge. The name of that deceased was given as Stephen, aged 15 years. Parents of the other victims are yet to identify their bodies.

On Sunday, August 22, the Police announced they arrested a new suspect in connection with the murder of the three persons.

The Director of Public Affairs said that the two are expected to assist the Police in investigating the case.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, August 24, the Director of the Police Counselling Unit, ACP Phyllis Osei and ASP Foster Nanewortor visited the family of Louis Agyemang, one of the murder victims, to hold a counselling session to help reduce the family’s trauma in compliance with a directive issued by the acting IGP.

“Following the initial assessment, ACP Phyllis Osei and her team held a Critical Incident Debriefing session at the Regional Police Headquarters in Sunyani with the patrol team and the investigator who were the first responders to the crime scene.”

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