The Police in Sunyani has retrieved the intestines of the two children who were murdered at Abesim in the Bono Region.

According to the Police, the suspect, Richard Appiah, during a rigorous interrogation, disclosed that he hid the remaining parts of the two children he allegedly murdered, on a cocoa farm.

However, the Police disclosed to Adom News’ Christian Ofori Kumah that the genitals of the young boys are still missing.

The Police noted that although they emptied the septic tank in the suspect’s house during their search for the remaining parts of the victims, nothing was discovered.

Meanwhile, the suspect is still in Police custody in the region, assisting in further investigation.


The Police on Friday, August 20, arrested a man for allegedly killing two children.

28-year-old Richard Appiah, was arrested after the father of one of his victims, Louis Agyemang Junior, aged 12, reported him to the Police.

According to the Police statement sighted by JoyNews, the victim’s father, 56-year-old Thomas Adjei, reported that the suspect, who is also his stepson, had come for Louis around 5:30 pm on Friday, August 20.

However, at about 10pm, Mr Adjei said his younger son had still not returned home.

Accompanied by his four brothers, the complainant arrested the suspect, who he believed knew the whereabouts of the 12-year-old boy and brought him to the station for questioning.

The Police, together with the complainant and suspect, then proceeded to the house where the suspect resides in the Alaska area near Abesim.

The statement revealed that the team found the deceased lying in a supine position in a room, while another murdered person was found in a different room.

During a further search of the house, pieces of flesh suspected to be parts of another person, were found in a double-door fridge. The name of that deceased was given as Stephen, aged 15 years. Parents of the other victims are yet to identify their bodies.

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