Chief Executive Officer of UBA Ghana, Abiola Bawuah, has been adjudged Finance Personality of the Year at the maiden edition of the Ghana Accountancy and Finance Awards in Accra.

This adds to the growing portfolio of awards she has picked up in 2017 alone. The CIMG Marketing Woman of the Year, thanked the organizers for the great recognition.

She said, “Tonight; allow me a moment to dedicate this award to all hardworking Ghanaians, to my board, family, staff, customers, my Regional CEO, Mr. Oliver Alawuba and the Group Managing Director, Mr. Kennedy Uzoka for their great support and direction so far. I would also like to immeasurably thank the Group Chairman of UBA Plc, Mr. Tony Elumelu for his inspiring leadership and entrepreneurial drive.”

“I would like to challenge everyone here to keep up with the good job. It is through hard work that we can collectively build this country. Through hard work we would make history and challenge the future generation to even do better”. She added.

Deputy Finance Minister, Abena Osei Asare, assured the industry of government’s continuous support and creation of the needed enabling environment for them to flourish and help grow the economy.

She said, “This industry is crucial to the development of this nation. With a growing pensions industry that is bringing in a lot of patient capital, businesses can now plan long-term; and it is our duty to put in policies and measures that make your life more comfortable.”

Joseph Ampofo of Enterprise Trustees won the Pensions CEO of the Year, while Seth Obiri of United Pensions Trustee walked away with Pension Scheme Administrator (Individual) of the Year. 

The night saw institutions like Enterprise Trustees, United Pension Trustees, Axis Pensions, FirstBanC Financial Services and others pick up more than one award on the night.

The awards provide a platform to recognise individuals and companies that play a significant role in the accounting and finance sector’s development, while recognising key functions within the industry which promote standards and excellent stewardship.


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