A former Executive Director of the Centre for Geographical Information Science at the University of Ghana has blamed the constant desire for luxurious living for the gradual depletion of the country’s natural resources. 

Professor Emmanuel Amamoo Okyere stated that clearing forest reserves and highlands for building purposes; a process he terms as ‘graying’, has led to the depleting of forests and highlands in the country.

As a way of curbing the menace, the professor suggested to the host of Joy FM’s Super Morning Show Monday, that the introduction of green infrastructure into the planning system of the country is essential.

According to him, will enable the country to reserve green land and protect depleting lands which are used for building purposes.

Aburi road

His statement comes after highlands at Aburi experienced a rockfall last Friday.

After hours of downpour, roads leading to the Aburi highlands were blocked as a result of washing down of rocks from the sloping highland, causing massive traffic on the roads.

The professor says that if proper measures are not put in place to manage the occurrence several similar cases will occur and keep creating inconveniences for the country.

He also suggests that the country should protect the remaining green lands available as a way of curbing the menace.

Prof. Amamoo is also certain that climate change will be responsible for a change in land-management because of current rainfall patterns.