Literary community, the Accra International Book Festival (AIBF) will host South African writer, Lerato Mogoatlhe on its all writers’ affair platform, ‘Catch Up!’.

The event which would be held on Thursday, would afford the writer the opportunity to share her writing experience with the audience.

The content writer and editor at Global Citizen South Africa released her debut book, ‘Vagabond: Wandering Through Africa on Faith.’

Catch Up! is an event hosted by the Accra International Book Festival twice in a month to explore the experiences of local and international creatives.

The all-writers’ affair programme takes place on the Book Festival’s social media platforms, with over 200 active participants.

Since it was started in January this year, Catch Up! has hosted high profile writers from Africa and Europe, including Bisi Adjapon (Ghanaian author) and Ola Awonubi (British-Nigeria author).

Being the first South African writer to be hosted on Catch Up!, Lerato Mogoatlhe would be expected to touch on her debut book.

In a statement Wednesday, Festival Director at the Accra International Book Festival, Kwabena Brakopowers noted the South African writer is “bringing on board her vast experience as a writer in a country with a checkered past.”

“The damage wrecked by Apartheid South Africa, not only in that country but also across Africa is something all Africans have left behind,” he said.

As an Afrocentric, Lerato Mogoatlhe is passionate about everything African and has defended this position on several platforms.