When problems meant to be fixed by those in authority are not dealt with, the people find their own solutions.

Some of these solutions may only be quick fixes that present temporary relief but could cost lives in the long run.

That’s the case in the Accra suburb of Adabraka where a whole log has been pushed into a drain with a broken lid in the middle of a highway.

The lid was originally made up of six metal slabs welded together. But three of the slabs are missing, leaving a wide opening in the middle of the road.

Without the lid, it will take a mining vehicle with 33-inch tires to run over the drain.

It’s perhaps the reason a resident decided to push a log into the opening while a piece of cement block sits at its edge.

The worry around this spectacle is not because someone with very good intentions decided to help avoid accidents, but the fact that this solution could rather cause the very mishap it seeks to avert.

In the city of Accra, almost every major road has seen an asphalt overlay. That’s great! It’s the reason no one gliding on the asphalt will expect a dangerous drain in the middle of the road.
Residents complained to JOYNEWS that many vehicles have either burst tires or broken their shocks after hitting the drain.